Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Megan Thomason - daynight Blog Tour Tens List

Megan Thomason, author of daynight, lives in paradise aka San Diego, CA with her husband and five children.  She’s a former software manager, but vastly prefers writing twisted tales to business, product, and marketing plans.  When she isn't typing away on her laptop, she's reading books on her phone—over 600 in the last year—or attending to the needs of her family.  Megan’s fluent in sarcasm (I like that.), could potentially benefit from a 12-step program for road rage (Can’t we all?), struggles with a Hot Tamales addiction, loves world travel and fast cars and hates paperwork and being an insomniac.  daynight is Megan's first published novel, but the fourth written one.

I’m a romance girl, it’s just who I am.  I think about romance pretty much everyday.  I can’t help it, it’s all the books I read on a daily basis that contain romance.  So I figured I would ask Megan the Top Ten things which make her heart flutter and a smile creep across her face.

I’m so glad she didn’t look at my request and think I was crazy.  Thank you Megan for stopping by and being nice enough to indulge my request.

Thanks for hosting daynightThis was a hard one (to think of things that would make *both* those things happen lol :)).

Top Ten things that make my heart flutter and a smile to creep across my face

My husband

A great smirk (aka Ian Somalhalder in Vampire Diaries; Benedict Cumberbatch during one of his rants in Sherlock)

Clever dialogue between the girl in a guy in a romance story (email exchanges in Tammara Webber’s Easy come to mind)

A hug from my 9-year old son (not that I don’t enjoy hugs from all my kids, but he gives them often and without prompting)

Positive reviews for daynight

Sweet romantic gestures

Anticipation of something awesome (could be a trip; an episode of a favorite TV show; seeing my husband after he’s been traveling for ages)

The perfect sunset, view, or anything startlingly spectacular in nature

Watching my daughters sing or perform on stage (one daughter’s portrayals of Madame Thenardier in Les Mis and Emma Goldman in Ragtime come to mind)

The perfect meal (could be at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Paris or a well appreciated dinner at home accompanied by hysterical conversation)

Ways to connect with Megan: Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook

Megan is currently on a blog tour hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.  There’s a blog tour giveaway which includes: a $50 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Insurgent by Veronica Roth and a signed copy of daynight by Megan herself.  Click HERE to be taken to the blog tour link for daynight, where you will find out more about the book and have an opportunity to enter the giveaway.

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