Saturday, June 9, 2018

Monthly Wrap-Up for the month of May 2018

It’s June! Sorry I got carried away with life and forgot to do the Monthly Wrap-Up post earlier. Just to give you all a heads up….With Summer here there will probably not be the usual amount of posts. I’m finding it really hard to get things done. Adulting sucks.

This is your chance to catch up on any posts you might have missed for the month of May. Please pay attention to the Giveaway section. I have a Kindle copy of Bargaining with the Boss by Jennifer Shirk up for grabs. Don't forget to pick up some of these great books.

~ Reviews ~

~ Interviews/Guest Posts ~

~ Spotlights and Cover Reveals ~

~ Giveaways ~

You can also head over to my Facebook page, where you’ll see more sale info on various books.

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