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Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane

Always putting business before pleasure, Cassie McPherson works hard for her family’s construction business.  That might explain why she doesn’t have a date for the company Christmas party.  But it doesn’t quite explain why she’s crazy enough to hire an escort for the event or--crazier still-- why she’s dying to unwrap him like a present...

With whiskey-colored eyes and a killer smile, James is one gorgeous hunk who really knows how to fill out a tuxedo.  He charms everyone, including Cassie.  And when the night ends, the party doesn’t stop.  As Cassie falls, literally, into his bed, James falls head over heels in love.  Now he has to figure out a way to tell her the truth: he’s not an escort.  He’s her family’s fiercest business rival.  But all he wants for Christmas is her...


Things I’ve learned from Hunk for the Holidays:

  1. You probably SHOULDN’T drink anything while reading this book. (You never know when the humor is going to sneak up on you.)
  2. Your heart knows what your heart wants, even when your mind refuses to believe it.
  3. Sometimes you have to be willing to go after what you want, without being afraid of getting hurt, beat up, or frostbitten.
  4. Never use a steak knife to cut down a large spruce tree.
  5. It’s probably not the best idea to go dumpster diving for a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.
  6. Be careful of leary ninety-year old women, they’re sneaky little creatures.
  7. Children are smarter and craftier than they appear.
  8. Don’t mix cocktail shrimp with eight glasses of champagne.
  9. Sometimes it’s better to ask someone a question and let them answer, instead of always cutting them off. You just might learn something important.
  10. Always get the last name of the person you go out with.

I don’t think it’s a secret I’m a HUGE Katie Lane fan.  When I found out she had a Christmas book coming out I couldn’t wait.  Since I’ve read of all Katie’s books, I had high expectations for Hunk for the Holidays.  I have to say, it DID NOT disappoint.

Hunk for the Holidays is funny and hot at the same time.  The cast of characters are all people you wish you could actually know.  Cassandra “Cassie” McPherson is the middle of five kids, and the only girl.  She’s a twenty-eight year old glorified accountant for the family’s construction company.  Being the only girl in the family, she’s STILL a tomboy and would much rather be at a construction site working, instead of being in the office.  Work is all she does, thus explaining why she feels the need to hire escorts for various events.  James Sutton is the thirty-five year old founder and owner of Sutton Construction.  After losing his mother at an early age, James put all of his effort into going to college and making something of himself.  Like Cassie, James is a workaholic, who isn’t looking for anything serious or meaningful.  Adding to the cast of characters, there’s Cassie’s parents, her brothers Jake, Rory, Patrick, and Matthew, Cassie’s best friend Amy and her daughter Gabby, and last but certainly NOT least Aunt Louise “Wheezie”.

I’m a fan of romances because you tend to always get happy ever afters.  That’s what you get with Hunk.  Personally, I always like the adventure to get to the HEA.  Trust me, the adventure Katie takes you on in this book is hilarious.  As the countdown above mentioned, you shouldn’t drink anything while reading this book.  Yes, my tablet and I found that out the hard way.

It’s not often that you can have two stubborn, strong willed people together, but Cassie and James are good together.  It’s also probably part of the reason they never gave up on each other.

The two characters that stood out the most in this book were Aunt Wheezie and Gabby.  For a ninety-year old and an eight-year old, they surely know how to get people to thinking like them, without them knowing it.

One surprise was that Hunk for the Holidays wasn’t just about Cassie and James.  It’s also a romance for Cassie’s friend Amy and Cassie’s brother Rory.  If the people from Grand Central/Forever are listening, I’m thinking another McPherson book is in order... (Just one of my personal Christmas wishes.)

I love Christmas romances and with this book you get a good romance with a lot of humor.  I highly recommend this book.

Rating: 4 (I loved this book.)

Source: NetGalley

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