Author Appearances

Author Appearances

Pamela Aares
Cathy Ace
Marina Adair
Angela Adams
Marisa Adams
Diane Alberts
- Cooper Shillings Interview (Temporarily Yours)
- Writing Contemporary Romance (Taking What’s His)
Ellie Alexander
Melia Alexander
Toni Anderson
Amy Andrews
Brooklyn Ann
Melody Anne
Connie Archer
Kira Archer
Amy Armstrong
Carolyn Arnold
Forbes Arnone
R. Arundel
Amanda Ashby
- General Interview (Falling for the Best Man)
Jackie Ashenden
J.L. Austgen
Lynette Austin
Terri L. Austin

Petra F. Bagnardi
Tessa Bailey
Donna Ball
Sarah Ballance
Joylse Barnett
Christi Barth
Elisabeth Barrett
- Once and Again (Turning Back Time Guest Post)
Karoline Barrett
Jamie Baywood
- Author Interview (Getting Rooted in New Zealand)
Samanthe Beck
- Getting Lucky (Falling for the Marine)
Macy Beckett
Christine Bell
Shelly Bell
Isla Bennet
Victoria Bernadine
Robin Bielman
Lisa Bilbrey
Cindy Blackburn
Ana Blaze
Alison Bliss
Jennifer Bonds
- Risky Business and Misconceptions (Once Upon a Dare)
Karen Booth
Sheila Webster Boneham
Allie Boniface
K.L. Brady
Sandra Bretting
Carolyn Brown
Boone Brux
Lucy Burdette
Grace Burrows
Catherine Bybee

Emma Cane
Roberta Capizzi
Linda Carroll-Bradd
Leigh Carron
Kate Carlisle
Kait Carson
Samantha Chase
Lee Christine
Mae Clair
- Writing a Romantic Mystery (Eclipse Lake)
Angela Claire
Marissa Clarke
Peg Cochran
Jenny Colgan
- Polar Bear Cupcakes Recipe (Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe)
Jennifer Collin
Dani Collins
Lashell Collins
Margo Bond Collins
- Cole Grayson Character Bio (Taming the Country Star)
Amanda Cooper
Mickey J. Corrigan
Robin Covington
Liz Crowe
Alice J. Culiner
- Romance is a Dance (All About Charming Alice)
Melissa Cutler
- A Commando’s First Impression (Tempted into Danger)
- Brandon Theroux Interview (Game Changer -Bomb Squad Series)

Connie di Marco
Sara Daniel
- Her character love for Connor & Becca (Love Him or Leave Him)
Jillian David
Lia Davis
Maddie Day
HelenKay Dimon
Piper J. Drake
Pintip Dunn

Mason Elliott
Taryn Elliott
Karen Erickson
Kate Evangelista

Jennifer Faye
Donna Fasano
Christine Feldman
M.B. Feeney
Chelsea Walker Flagg
Michelle Garren Flye
Avery Flynn
Veronica Forand
Amber Skye Forbes
Jennifer Frank
Beth Fred

Alice Gaines
Emelle Gamble
Codi Gary
Rosie Genova
Daryl Wood Gerber
Christy Gissendaner
J B Glazer
- Dating Tips from Tara Winters (I Should Have Said Yes)
Christine Glover
Tammy L. Grace
- Character Interview (Deadly Connection)
Janel Gradowski
Demetria Foster Gray
Rina Gray
Amy Gregory
Lena Gregory
Sofia Grey

Victoria Hamilton
- Jaymie Leighton Guest Post (White Colander Crime)
Cristin Harber
R.E. Hargrave
C.A. Harms
Cheryl Harper
Susan Hatler
Sherri Hayes
Nancy Herkness
Tamara Hoffa
Jody Holford
Mary Hughes
Sara Humphreys
- Men in Uniform (Brave the Heat)
Evie Hunter
- Niall Moore Character Stats (The Pleasures of Autumn)
Talia Hunter


Delia James
Rosalind James
Victoria James
Linda O. Johnston
Pauline Baird Jones

Tonya Kappes
Melissa Kate
Laura Kaye
Lawrence Kelter
Ryshia Kennie
Kimberly Keyes
Kimberly Kincaid
- Bellamy Blake Interview (Turn Up the Heat)
Taryn Kincaid
C.C. Koen
Ruthie Knox
Coleen Kwan

Katie Lane
Eve Langlais
Andrea Laurence
Suanne Laqueur
Taylor Lavati
Kim Law
Poppy Lawless
Liz Lazarus
Shannon Leigh
Joanne Sydney Lessner
Julie Ann Levin
Marilyn Levinson
Ophelia London
Stefanie London
Roni Loren
Mackenzie Lucas
Gena D. Lutz

Melissa McClone
Katherine McIntyre
Jen McLaughlin
- From New Adult to Mature Adult (Fractured Lines)
(Fractured Lines)
Leslie McKelvey
A.M. Madden
- Author Interview (Back-Up)
Cindi Madsen
R. Scott Mackey
Ashlee Mallory
Tracy March
Wendy S. Marcus
Jennie Marts
Kristina Mathews
Gina L. Maxwell
Maureen Mayer
Kate Meader
- Top Five Irishmen (All Fired Up)
- Brody Kane Character Interview (Taking the Score)
MK Meredith
Amy Metz
Jess Michaels
Lydia Michaels
Jennifer Miller
Theresa Meyers
Jeannie Moon
Eleanor Moran
Jason Mowbray
Cindi Myers

Kaylie Newell
Amy Noelle

Molly O’Keefe
- Welcome to Bishop (Wild Child Guest Post)
Lisa Clark O’Neill
Terri Osburn
- Keeping It Real (Up to the Challenge Guest Post)
Gail Oust

Janice Peacock
Michelle M. Pillow
Jennifer Probst

Emily Quinn
M. Kate Quinn
- Three Points of Wisdom (Victoria at Sea)

Susan Rae
Hope Ramsay
- Behind the book (A Christmas Bride)
Lisa Regan
Rhea Rhodan
Jeremy T. Ringfield
Katee Robert
- His to Take Guest Post (Favorite couple from the Out of Uniform Series)
Karen Rock
Danielle Rose
Riley Ross
Jennifer Ryan
Joya Ryan
- Character Interview with Nolan Hart (Rules of Seduction)
Lori Ryan
Reese Ryan

Sharon Sala
Cynthia Sax
- Confrontations in romance (Sinful Rewards 8)
Shannyn Schroeder
Inara Scott
- Love at First Sight (Falling for Mr. Wrong)
Jessica Scott
S.L. Scott
Annie Seaton
Kate SeRine
Susan Scott Shelley
Michelle Sharp
Rebecca Sherwin
- Author Interview (Second Chance Hero)
Ally Shields
Jennifer Shirk
Colleen J. Shogan
- Homicide in the House (Guest Post)
Lynne Silver
Naima Simone
- Naill Hunter Hero Profile (The Millionaire Makeover)
S.D. Skye
Candy Sloane
Helen Smith
Lauren Smith
Rebecca Lee Smith
Tyler Anne Snell
Roxanne Snopek
Jennifer Snow
Tiffany Snow
- Blane Kirk’s 5 Rules (Turn on a Dime - Blane’s Turn)
Suleikha Snyder
Sabrina Sol
Wendy Sparrow
Roxanne St. Claire
M.A. Stacie
Anne Marie Stoddard
D.C. Stone
- Hero Profile (Intimate Fear)
Sara Jane Stone
Mimi Strong
Sharon Struth
Ninette Swann
Brian Sweany
C.A. Szarek

Hope Tarr
Chris Taylor
Candis Terry
Maggie Thom
Billie Thomas
Megan Thomason
Paige Tyler
Wendy Tyson


Barbara Valentin

Julie Ann Walker
Barbara Wallace
Nancy Warren
Susie Warren
- Character Interview (The Convenient Wedding)
Tracy Webber
- A dog’s best friend (Karma’s a Killer)
Anna Wells
Lisa Wells
Mary Whitney
AJ Williams
Synithia Williams
- Character Guest Post (New York Kind of Love)
Sherryl Woods


Beth Yarnall
Rebecca Yarros
Zoe York


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