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An Interview with AJ Williams and the Bounty Crew

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with AJ Williams, author of Bounty for Hunter and Bounty’s End, along with the characters from her books.

So AJ, Keylee, Hunter, Thomas, Jefferson and Alek, thanks for taking the time to speak to me.

AJ & the gang: Thanks for having us here.

AJ, I would like to start with you. Could you please tell us about Keylee, Hunter, Thomas, Wen, Jefferson and Alek? Who are they and what makes them tick?

Well I can tell you that they all have their moments of driving me crazy.
Keylee for one had something horrible happen to her but she chose to make a positive out of it. She did not want to let that one moment define her. She has learned that if she wants it she needs to grab hold and embrace it because things happen and that one moment might not happen again.
Hunter is laid back, never had to worry about anything until he walked into his situation. He is now finding out that there is a world out there that he chose not to believe in.
Thomas is the middle sibling to Keylee and Jefferson but he acts like the oldest. He is the one that everyone comes to, he might be the alpha male but for him it is about taking his time, until he sees his moment for the taking. For Thomas, it is about playing it smart not always just jumping in like Keylee or running away as Jefferson has been known to do.
Wen can go many different ways. She holds back and for good reason but once she opens up to Thomas she is ready to admit that there is no going back. She wants to be there with him. She gives it as much as he takes it.
Jefferson is the wildcard of the bunch. For five years he has been dealing with a mistake that he made. In those five years, he has pushed himself to the limit, not caring about life or death. In those same five years, he also came close to losing his sister. So the actions of Jefferson will not always make sense, but that does not mean he hasn't given up on everything just yet. He believes in hope and for him that is going to be his redeeming factor.
Alek is the bad boy. As much as he is the bad boy of the bunch, he is cautious unless he knows in that second he wants it. It takes him just a second to make up his mind if you are worth it to him or not. Once he makes his mind up about a person or a situation, there is no holding him back. He goes for it full force so women better look out for him.

I understand you guys all got together about two years ago. I have a sense that you guys all have either police or military experience. What are your backgrounds? And how is it that Keylee became part of your company?

Thomas: Well I joined the military right after high school. I knew it was what I wanted to do.
Jefferson: I joined two years after him. I didn't think it was something that I wanted or was ready for, so I headed to college where all I did was wonder what my brother was doing. After getting my associates, I joined up.
Alek: I met these two idiots while we were stationed over in Afghanistan. They were the talk over there because of the care packages they got from their sister. She would include the dumbest shit with these strange quotes taped or written on everything. One year for Christmas, they received a care package that was filled with Starship Enterprise Key Chains. I shit you not. The whole damn box was full of them and on top of the box was a note that said 'Merry Christmas, In this galaxy there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all that, and perhaps more...only one of each of us" then at the bottom of the note it said (laughing) I love you all, now share my love with all those other hot men and hot women near you. Hugs and kisses. I will never in my life forget that quote or that present. In that moment I wanted to be friends with them for life.
Thomas: Alek can tell you about Keylee because she’s still something that I don't understand.
Keylee: I can tell you. I needed to kick ass and take down people who had hurt others. Sure not all bounties are about hard criminals. But it gives me something to do during and after my healing process. Some people turn into victims. I was not going to allow that to happen to me. This business has allowed me to transfer my hurt and aggression on to others who have hurt others. Besides, if Alek and my brothers can face their fears in the battle zone and come out okay then I sure as heck am going to do the same.

Keylee, you and Hunter had a pretty instant attraction to each other when you first met. Are you guys a couple now or what?

Keylee: What that jerk did to me took away something inside of me. I won't go into details but Anthony helped me get that back. I saw fear and death before me and lived to talk about it. I decided that I was not going to let anything stop me from getting what I wanted.
Hunter: Seeing as she didn't answer your question. (looks over at Keylee) Yes we are a couple. I have to say she is intense and it is one of those things that you are either on board with or not. Trust me when I tell you that I am definitely on board. She is a force and one that I can't wait to dive deeper into.

Where do you guys see yourselves in the future? Hey, don’t shoot me. I like romance and happy endings.

Hunter: She can answer that better than I can because I say we're dating and she says we’re just together. Like there is a difference.
Keylee: Together that is for sure. Dating implies that you are open to other relationships. Together means you mess up I kick your butt and sick my brothers and Alek on your white butt. See, total difference. (smiles)

Yeah, Keylee. You are a little intense. But I understand the “together” part.

Keylee, in Bounty for Hunter we learn that you can take care of yourself. To be so small, you are very good with your fists and knees, and you’re very effective. Are all of your cases so physical and dangerous?

I trained with Anthony and Alek for a year after my attack. Don't get me wrong, my brothers taught me self defense but in all honesty self defense only gets you so far. With their training, I learned a lot more than self defense which also enabled me to feel like I had the option of taking back the power I lost. As far as my cases, no. They are not all physical. But, for a woman it is good to know what you are doing and be in physical shape because you never know what is going to happen. You have to stay on your toes.

Keylee, I know this is a little touchy for you. But your incident a couple of years ago changed you. Is that why you’re so effective when it comes to defending yourself or were you always a fighter?

It did change me. Like I said earlier, my brothers taught me self defense and the best ways to take down a guy. But the thing is, I learned if that person wants to take you down he is going to have more power over you. There is adrenaline involved, height difference, weight difference, and the surprise of the attack. My brothers taught me, but I was not prepared. So yeah when I was ready I wanted to hurt people. I begged to be trained. I needed to know that I could take down an attacker if I needed to. It was about power really. The power to know I could save myself if I needed to.

Hunter, how do you feel about Keylee being a bounty hunter and all the things she has to go endure?

I hurt for her that she went through that but I don't pity her. I am proud to know her. What happened was horrible but to survive it and come out on the other side with a warm smile and a great attitude is something to be proud of. Though we just met, she has this uncanny ability to welcome you into her world and her heart. That is something to cherish. This is something that I have to say, I am lucky that it is happening to me. As far as for her being a bounty hunter, I think our relationship is still too new to tell her she has to get out. I might think her job is dangerous and the idea of her in danger does not sound appealing. But I am not an overbearing jerk off that is going to tell her she can't do her job.

I love the way you and Keylee care about each other.

So how do you guys feel about Keylee and Hunter being a couple?

Thomas: What my baby sister does I support. I just don't want to know about it because that is like knowing about your parents. All I care about is that she is happy.
Jefferson: My sister is a very assertive woman, she wants it she goes after it. I love that quality about her. I personally think it is too soon and don't know the guy but there will be time later for that.
Alek: He hurts her, he is SCREWED. Easy enough. No one messes with my family.

O-kay. (clears throat) At least you have Thomas on your side. I’m sensing Jefferson could go either way. Good luck Hunter.

Thomas, your story is up next with Bounty’s End. From what I gather, you’re having some issues with Wen. Do you like the way AJ handled your story? If not, what would you have changed?

I do like the way she handled the story. I would have loved it if Wen just fell into my arms but then where would you romance readers be? (smiles) However, that aside I think she did a great job. As far as changing things, I don't want to give away the story so I will hold all that in.

Okay, fair enough. I’m looking forward to reading your story. I just read a small excerpt from your book is it seems pretty intense.

Alek, I hear you and Tess, Hunter’s little sister, are going to have something going on in book 3 of the series. Are you looking forward to your story being told? And are you talking to AJ making sure that you get just want you want?

Yes, we are next. I think Tess is going to have a harder time with the story being told than I am. AJ and I are fighting about some things right now. I want things to go a certain way and well she had her own ideas. What is worse is that fact that Tess argues with everything. So as you can tell I am up against two opinionated women. Oh well, I will win out.

Hunter, are you cool with your sister and Alek being together? Because I have to tell you, Tess was fascinated by Alek from the beginning. Much like you were with Keylee.

I think I would prefer my baby sister to be with someone closer to her age and maybe not so burly, but we shall see what happens. Tess has a way of just jumping in without thinking things through until a later date. Case in point, hiring bounty hunters and getting involved in my case. Do I thank her? You bet I do. Did I appreciate her jeopardizing herself for me? Not so much. I am the one that is supposed to protect her not the other way around.
Her heart is always in the right place even if it is a little misguided at times. But I know what you are talking about with that look. I have seen that look and all the advice I will give Alek is brace yourself for the tornado of Tess. Once she picks you up, you are in for one wild ride.

Sounds like Tess is real interesting. I can see that it’s going to be a real fun story. I’m sensing that you’re going to be in the hot seat a little Alek.

Jefferson, I hope you didn’t think I was going to leave you out of the questions. I believe your former fiancé, Eva has been lurking around a little bit, possibly helping you guys out here and there. How do you feel about that and are you looking forward to your story being told?

If I had my way, my story won't be told, but AJ says it needs to be for me to get out of my funk. Her words not mine. Eva has not been very far from my family. They have kept her in our folds as much as she has allowed. What I will tell you is that I love her still. I made a mistake a long time ago and as AJ says the story needs to be told if I am ever to win Eva back. There is no guarantee that I win her back so that is why I don't want the story told. Nonetheless, I agreed with the smallest of hopes that it works and Eva welcomes me back.

Wow. I knew that you didn’t like to talk about the relationship and everything. I just wasn’t aware that you were still in love with her. I wish you luck in getting her back. Plus, I REALLY want to know what you did to screw up.

AJ, I have to tell you, the book cover for Bounty for Hunter is what had me wanting to read the book. It’s a nice cover and nice picture of Keylee. Your book description did NOT do the book justice. I had no idea it was going to be so H-O-T. Are the other books going to be just as H-O-T?

I loved the cover, my cover artist Lyn Stanzione did a fantastic job. I must humbly apologize for the description lacking. Each character is different and offers something different. So you can bet there will be H-O-T moments in each book.

Trust me. There is NO reason to apologize. The hotness was a nice surprise.

Ladies, gentlemen, is there anything else you guys would like to add or anything you feel we should know about?

AJ: I have to tell you that Alek and Jefferson's books will give you something you are not expecting from the characters. There are going to be some big surprises you are not going to see coming. You will fall more in love with this gang as I have fallen in love with all of them.

AJ, I am SO looking forward to the rest of the Bounty for Hire series.

Well, AJ, Keylee, Hunter, Jefferson, Thomas, and Alek, thank you all for taking time out your busy schedules to have a chat with me. I really appreciate it. I’m really looking forward to reading all of your stories. Yes, I keep saying that, so you KNOW it has to be true. You guys are ALL more than welcome to come back anytime. Seriously, I actually mean it.

The Gang: THANK YOU. (All together)
AJ: Thank you again Kim. The gang and I would love to come back again.

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Now, that AJ has told you about the characters, let’s have her tell you about herself.

I’m a self published author who lives in Kansas City Missouri with my husband and 2 small children and a small dog.

As a stay at home mom I’ve been able to come back to a dream I had as a little girl of writing.

My first series is the Bounty for Hire Series that is currently out with Book 1 Bounty for Hunter the next book should be out early 2013 which will be about Thomas Anders the middle child of the Anders family, with 2 more books following.

I am currently working on a romantic fantasy science fiction story called Oracle's End. I hope that will be out in 2013

I love learning about new things, playing games with my family and listening to music. I love romantic movies as well as those like the Lord of the Rings.

I can be found reading to my kids everyday instilling in them the importance of a good story as well as finding myself planted in front of the computer typing away.

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  1. Cute interview. I love getting to learn more about the characters. :)

    1. Thank you. Me too. Character interviews ALWAYS helps me to know the them better.


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