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Confounding Cupid by Susan Mac Nicol

By Susan Mac Nicol

Coworkers Leigh and Ryan are perfect for each other, but why should that make things any easier for Gerald, a hapless Cupid-in-training eager to earn his wings?



Yet again, Susan Mac Nicol has me! Yes, there isn’t much to the book description. But hey, it’s a Valentine’s Day romance and I’m a sucker for romance. Why I wasn’t prepared for what was inside the pages of this book is beyond me. I am going to have to assume from now on when I read a book by Susan, I need to expect HOT steamy love scenes. Even the characters weren’t prepared for what she did to them!

Leigh Cross is a twenty-five year old researcher for the law firm of MacMillan, Pope and Smith. Ryan Taylor is a twenty-seven year old attorney at the same law firm. Rounding out the main cast of characters is Gerald Crombie an almost eighteen-year old Cupid in training.

Let’s talk about the title of the book for a minute. Confounding Cupid, what the heck does that mean? Well, confound means to cause to become confused or perplexed; to frustrate. Yes, these definitions define Gerald to a “T”. Gerald WANTS desperately to receive a full set of wings for his eighteenth birthday. But in order to do that, he must get Leigh and Ryan together in about a week. This shouldn’t be a hard to thing to do, since Gerald can see how attracted the two are to each other. The problem is, when Leigh looks at Ryan she has disgust pouring out of her veins.

Confounding Cupid is a tale of mistaken identity and the lengths to which a desperate Cupid will go to in order to get two people together. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Check out this slightly humorous excerpt:

Last night fellow Cupid Larry had gazed at him in disbelief when he’d heard of the lengths Gerald had gone to, trying to bring Leigh and Ryan together.
His round face had been creased in sheer mirth. “Crikey, Gerry! You actually ran around the bloody Temple of Mithras at midnight, starkers, on a full moon? Who in hell’s name told you that would work?”
Larry had chortled, apparently imagining Gerry and all his bits flapping and bobbing in the moonlight on the London street.
Gerald had scowled at his friend’s laughter at his own expense. “I obviously shielded myself, Larry,” he’d said scathingly. “And it was George Christy who told me about the ritual. He said it had worked for him before.”

Rating: 4
Release Date: Available Now
Book Length: 47 pages
Source: Author
Reading Format: Available in only in eBook

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Connect with Susan Mac Nicol:
Paul Walker-The inspiration for Ryan
MaryKate Olsen-The inspiration for Leigh

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kim! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'll definitely be asking you if you want to read the next one. I haven't quite decided yet, I need some inspiration...


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