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Love's Freedom by Misty Wright

Love’s Freedom
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Mark, a hockey player in the NFL, can get any woman he wants with his charisma and good looks. But he’s becoming bored of one night stands, and he wishes he could have the type of relationship that his best friend, Janine, has with Jennifer, Janine’s wife. When he drives past a girl at the flower shop, he immediately senses there’s something different about this woman. But Evangeline isn’t like her bold, daring sister, who has never been shy around men. Her family has always been overprotective of her, and she isn’t sure what to do when she’s finally given the freedom to live life on her own terms. Will Mark be able to sweep Evangeline off her feet and show her how amazing love can be, or will Evangeline be destined to forever live a sheltered life, too afraid to love?

I received this book from the author through a contest win. The author gifted the book to me through Amazon. Which to me means that this is the book anyone purchasing it would receive.

Let’s talk about what I didn’t like...
1. The numerous typos. ESPECIALLY, the fact that there are two Prologues and two Epilogues in this book. I read the first half of the book, got to the first Epilogue and was confused because something wasn’t adding up. Before I started reading the second Prologue and the second half of the book, I sent the author an email asking why there were two Prologues and two Epilogues. I didn’t get an answer. Her response was to send me another file, which didn’t contain a Prologue or Epilogue. (What the heck?)

After I finished reading the original book I received, I determined the first Prologue and first Epilogue were actually needed. The second Prologue and Epilogue were just parts of other chapters with additional paragraphs thrown in.

2. The idea that a twenty-eight year old man is trying to date a nineteen year old girl. I think the age difference is too big. Yes, she’s of legal age, but the age difference bothered me.

Let’s talk about what I liked...
Plain and simple..... the romance of the book. Misty wrote a good love story. Evangeline is a young, nineteen year old who has never been with a man and hasn’t really dated very much. Her Italian Catholic family is extremely protective of her. Mark is a twenty-eight-year-old man who is accustomed to one-night stands or relationships where there isn’t anything going on except for sex. Mark saw Evangeline almost everyday for several weeks before he approached her. He saw how special and beautiful she was on the inside and outside and knew he wanted to be with her forever. He didn’t try to force her into doing anything she wasn’t ready for or didn’t want to do.

My favorite part of the book was the Las Vegas restaurant scene. To me that was true romance.

Now, once I got into the book and past the MAJOR errors of the book in the middle, I started liking the book again. By the time I was reading the final chapter, I was thinking this good. Because the second Epilogue was there and I didn’t know what it said, I read it. That KILLED the book for me. When I was done reading, I was just upset. I don’t know how the publishing world works, especially with ebooks. I don’t know who’s job it is to make sure these mistakes AREN’T made. Who’s ever job it was failed miserably. For me as a reader it destroyed a good book.

Rating: 3 (Because of all the errors, my reading experience was not very good.)

Release Date:  Available Now
Book Length:  179 pages
Source:  Author, Contest Win
Reading Format:  Available in eBook
Author’s Website:  Misty Wright

Purchase Link:  Amazon

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  1. Well the reason there are typos is because she stole this book from me! I offer free unedited versions on Scribd and Obooko. This is my "Hartley's Crush" Unfortunately she has done this to a few other authors. It's shameful. There are many book sites taking down her books as I type this.
    For Example;
    It's unfortunate because it makes me look bad. These unedited versions are used to build a fanbase, then they get revised and sent to the editor before they are professionally published. When something is copied and pasted it is messed up.
    Just thought I would let you know
    Lietha Wards


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