Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Valentine Special Delivery by Sharon Kleve

Vickie's husband took her dog, emptied their bank account and ran off with his secretary.  The only thing he left her with is his car payment and a bad taste in her mouth.

Vickie has a new life that revolves around her derelict car, a struggling new business and a sexy FedEx delivery guy.

After a well-placed kiss, Jake gets a taste of Vickie—and now he can't get enough.  After delivering packages all day, he's more than willing to let her unwrap his package.


This was the first book I’ve read by Sharon Kleve.  While I had some issues with the book, this will not be the last time I read her.

Vickie Valentine is a twenty-eight-year-old divorcee.  Her husband left her after being with her for ten years, to be with his secretary.  When he left, he took all their money and their dog, which Vickie really loved.  Vickie is a jack of all trades at the bed and breakfast she works at.

One day, her best friend Kimmy (No. Unfortunately, not me.) takes her out for a day of pampering and they meet FedEx guy, Jake.

I liked all the characters even with what I perceived as being character flaws.  Namely, you don’t tell some guy that you just met and like that your ex-husband is a jerk, right off the bat.  Kimmy is hilarious.  Every girl should probably have a friend like her.  And Jake is sweet and loving.

There were some small grammar issues, but not enough to be a put off.  While this is a REALLY short story, I think Vickie and Jake hooked up WAY too fast.  Or maybe, it was just the way things happened.  Not to say that it wasn’t interesting.

Simply put, Valentine Special Delivery is a nice little read.

Rating: 3.5

Release Date:  January 28, 2013
Book Length:  30 pages
Source:  Personal Purchase
Reading Format:  Available in eBook

Buy Links:  Kindle

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