Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Sleeping with Mr. Sexy by S.L. Scott

Lydia Nichols is on the fast track for career success.  She's landed the job of her dreams after working her way up the corporate ladder.  The only problem is she's in San Francisco and the dream job is in New York.  With one last night to party with her friends before moving cross country, she goes all out, letting down her guard, and following her heart.

Dubbed Mr. Sexy, the ladies love Chase Andrews.  Despite his bad boy good looks, he’s a nice guy with a good heart.  While out celebrating his best friend’s promotion, Chase decides to go after the one woman who has always captivated his mind and body, but eluded him.  The only problem with his plan is the object of his affection is too caught up in following her dreams to notice.

A few cocktails, laughs, secret crushes, and good friends set the stage for these two to discover what they’ve been missing all along.

Sleeping with Mr. Sexy is the story of two people who do the best they can with the choices they make.  Join Lydia and Chase as they navigate their post-college years trying to balance careers, love, friendship, and the discovery that finding yourself sometimes means coming home.

Sleeping with Mr. Sexy is one of those cute friends to lovers books, which at times will make you want to jump into the pages and slap a character.  Over the course of about two years, we get to explore the relationship between Lydia Nichols and Chase Andrews, who have been best friends for roughly six years.

The book starts with the night before Lydia leaves San Francisco and moves to New York to pursue her dream career.  At her going away party, after a few drinks, Lydia and Chase decide to follow their hearts and go after what they really want, each other.  The next morning, Lydia awakes to discover that she’s made a terrible mistake of sleeping with her best friend and runs off to New York without ever looking back.  For his part, Chase tries desperately to contact Lydia but she refuses to take any of his phone calls or texts.

While I can say I really liked this book, bordering on loving it, the one thing I really didn’t like was that it went back and forth between the present and the past without any indication that you were traveling back in time.

Sleeping with Mr. Sexy is a story about what happens to a group of friends when one or two decide to change the dynamics of the group.  We’re allowed to see the mistakes and realizations Lydia and Chase make with each other and their lives, and we get to see what happens when one friend has had enough.

S.L. Scott is the Queen of the short story.  She always manages to draw you in and make all of the main characters well rounded and give you a satisfying, if not amazing ending.

Rating: 4

Release Date:  February 24, 2013
Book Length:  51 pages
Source:  Personal Purchase
Reading Format:  Available in only in eBook

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