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Roberta Capizzi interviews Ryan Wyler of The Melody in Our Hearts

Score! One week, two interviews from leading men who are both musicians. Awwww. Talk about heaven. I asked Roberta Capizzi to have a little chat with one of her characters from The Melody in Our Hearts, so we could get to know them a little better. Neither Ryan nor Roberta wanted to give too much of the story away. I know The Melody in Our Hearts is a sweet romantic read. With that being said, I’m going to have to assume that there’s going to be a happy ending. I’m also guessing that Dr. Valerie Fogarty and Mr. Ryan Wyler are going to each be in for a wild ride until the end.

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A true best friends to lovers love story.
Roberta Capizzi’s interview with The Melody in Our Hearts’
Ryan Wyler

ROBERTA: Hi Ryan, it’s great you could make it to do this interview with me! As the author I got to know you really well, and now I want the followers of “Read Your Writes Book Reviews” to get to know you, too.

St. Patrick’s Day is a very special day for the Irish. So, to celebrate it in style, I’ve organized a special book tour for you and Valerie. I hope you guys are enjoying it.

Ryan: Definitely. We’re having a great time hopping from one blog to the other. I’ve traveled the world promoting my music, but this is much more fun and less exhausting!

ROBERTA: So, can I ask you a few questions about yourself, and maybe about the book, too?

Ryan: Sure. Fire away, Roby!

ROBERTA: Wow, we’re on nickname basis already. I love that. Hope Valerie isn’t jealous!

Ryan: Nah, she’ll be okay with that. She trusts you!

ROBERTA: Good. I know she’s very jealous of you, when it comes to other women. I can’t really blame her! Now, tell us what struck you about Valerie the first time you met her. You were fifteen at the time, right?

Ryan: Yeah, I was fifteen and she was thirteen. Well, the first thing I noticed about her was how shy she was. She truly looked like a scared puppy next to her grandpa, and I sort of felt protective of her. I’ve always wanted a little brother or a sister, and I saw in that cute, shy girl the sister I never had. The fact that she had come to the Club meant we shared the same interests, so at least we had one thing in common. And it all started from there.

ROBERTA: Just to clarify. The Club is the music club your grandfathers founded, correct?

Ryan: Yeah, it is.

ROBERTA: So you never even considered dating her at the time? Come on, be honest with me. She was a girl and you were a boy; what about teenage hormones and all that?

Ryan: I would’ve never thought you’d be one of those people who questioned our friendship, Roberta! Yeah, I thought Valerie was cute, with her blonde hair and blue eyes, but we’ve always been like siblings and you can’t really fall for your sister, can you?

ROBERTA: Okay, sorry Ryan. Didn’t mean to question your feelings for Val. But you shared your first kiss with her, didn’t you?

Ryan: Yeah, I did. But it was a peck, really. And it was only to seal a promise of eternal friendship I made to her. Hell, Roby, whose side are you on?

ROBERTA: Sorry, I just wanted to tease you a little. I’m quite enjoying it. *winks*

Ryan: *chuckles* Okay, can we move on to the next question please?

ROBERTA: Now about your musical career. You started playing the piano at the age of five, and you dreamed of becoming the musical heir of Frank Sinatra ever since. How did it feel when your dream actually came true?

Ryan: Well, saying it was great would be an understatement. It was all so sudden and unexpected I guess I never really realized what was going on until I started sleeping in five star hotels and being assaulted by screaming girls wherever I went.

ROBERTA: Being a celebrity is a tough job, huh?

Ryan: You can say it out loud! One minute I’m strolling down the streets of Boston holding hands with my best friend without anyone caring about us, and the next we’re on every tabloid being labeled as secret lovers. I never expected to become so popular in such a short time, and it was quite tough to cope with that at the beginning. It was fun, but in the long run it became too much to bear. I cared about the music, not about showbiz and all that went with it.

ROBERTA: You had screaming girls throwing themselves at you but you never took advantage of that, and always remained faithful to your girlfriend. How did you manage?

Ryan: If I said I have principles would I sound old-fashioned? *raises eyebrow*

ROBERTA: Not at all. You would sound like the Prince Charming I know you are!

Ryan: *chuckles* Thanks, Roby. Well, yeah, I had quite a few opportunities for a bit of harmless fun without any obligations over the years, but it just wasn’t me. I am a one-woman-at-a-time kind of guy, and I give my all to the person I love. Cheating just isn’t in my dictionary.

ROBERTA: Aww, that’s sweet. Now, will you tell us a little more about you and Valerie? How has your relationship changed through the years?

Ryan: We grew up together; we were barely kids when we met and we turned into adults together. Our friendship evolved and grew up with us. It became stronger as years passed, just like Val did. I saw her turn from the shy, scared girl who didn’t fit in with her school friends into a much more confident woman, who was determined to save lives as her mission. That’s Val. Whenever she sets her mind on something, there’s no making her change her mind. She’s always been the scientist. I’ve always been the artist. I guess that was another reason why we always got along so well. We complemented each other.

ROBERTA: Fame didn’t spoil your friendship, though. How did you manage?

Ryan: It was tough, I can’t deny it. Her crazy shifts at the hospital didn’t help either. But we always put our friendship first, because we knew it was the safe haven we could always return to, the glue that kept us together. We kept in touch constantly, and whenever I was back in town I’d make sure to spend time with her whenever her shifts allowed, so we could catch up. I’d always known that, no matter who I’d end up marrying, Val would always play an important part in my life.

ROBERTA: And she did, eventually… *winks*

Ryan: *chuckles* She did alright, yeah. You gonna spoil the fun now, Roby? People won’t read our story if you give away the ending! Authors… *shakes his head in exasperation*

ROBERTA: Okay, no more spoilers, sorry! Tell me, Ryan, are we gonna read more about you and Valerie?

Ryan: You’re the author. You tell me.

ROBERTA: Well, if you and Val are willing to share a little more about your life with me, I’d love to convey it to the readers!

Ryan: Okay then. I’ll talk about it with Val and we’ll let you know. Let’s see how readers react to our story first. If they want to read more, we might consider giving you the exclusive rights for a sequel.

ROBERTA: Thanks, Ryan. I enjoyed our little chat and I hope the readers did too. Tell Valerie I said hello.

Ryan: I will, Roby. Thanks for the interview. And thank you, Kim, for hosting our tour and suggesting this interview.

ROBERTA: Yes, thanks Kim. We really appreciate it.

Thank you guys! I’m looking forward to reading The Melody of Our Hearts and finding out what happens with Valerie and Ryan. Thanks for stopping by you two. Hey all, don’t forget to click on the link to be taken to the promo page for a chance to win a copy of the book here. Also, don’t forget to head over to Roberta’s site for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

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