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Review: Six Naughty Nights by Serenity Woods

Six nights to remember, six days to forgive…

Esther is grateful for the strong arms that saved her and her young son from an earthquake. But she wishes their rescuer was someone else. Anyone other than the man who left her pregnant after a holiday fling.

Toby’s carpentry skills take him wherever there’s work, and right now that work is definitely cut out for him. He has to get over the shock that the little boy in his arms is his own son—and convince Esther that he’s always regretted walking away from her.

Esther can’t bring herself to deny Toby his right to get to know Charlie. Besides, with her own home flattened, she has nowhere to go but with him to his apartment…where she discovers a sexy role-playing card game tucked in his suitcase.

When Toby invites her to accompany him to the Northland to attend his best friend’s wedding, the opportunity to explore their still-simmering attraction is too tempting to resist. As the steamy scenarios heat up, they start to realize this is more than a game. But Esther’s hiding a secret that could cause as much devastation as the earthquake...

Warning: Contains role-playing fun including Roman slave and master, sexy schoolgirl spanking, and interrogation of a spy. Silk scarves included.

Six Naughty Nights is book two in the Love in Reverse series. While I didn’t read Seven Sexy Sins, I had absolutely no problem reading this book. If you have read Seven Sexy Sins, then you will be happy to know that Faith, Eve, Rusty, and Dan all make appearances in this book.

Esther and Toby originally met three years ago, while they were each on vacation. They ended up spending fourteen days together, having sex whenever and wherever they could. When it was time to leave, Esther asked Toby if they could still see each other. Toby said no, since they lived on opposite sides of the country and he didn’t think a long distance relationship would work. Honestly, at the time, Toby wasn’t looking to be in a committed relationship. Toby walking away broke Esther’s heart, but it also did something to Toby as well. Once he got on the airplane, he realized his mistake and tried in vain to contact Esther. Shortly after returning home, Esther starts receiving messages from Toby. But with her heart broken in pieces, she refuses to speak with him. She soon learns that she’s pregnant and chooses to not tell Toby as her way of punishing him for breaking her heart.

In an unbelievable chance encounter, just seconds before an earthquake, Toby and Esther come face to face. Toby immediately knows that Charlie is his son. After Toby saves both Esther and Charlie, Esther is quick to confirm that Charlie is indeed his son. Immediately, they each know that their attraction for one another is still there.

Esther’s house is destroyed during the earthquake and Toby suggests first that they come and stay with him and then that they go with him to the Northland, while he attends his best friend’s wedding. While looking through Toby’s apartment, Esther discovers a card game called Naughty Nights. It turns out the game belongs to Faith and she wants Toby to help her with her latest article by acting out some of the adventurous cards in the game. Toby and Esther both come to an agreement that while they are in the Northland they will act out some of the Naughty Nights scenarios. Each goes in telling the other that it will be only physical, without any emotions. But they each know in their hearts that it isn’t true. They just aren’t willing to tell the other. What transpires is HOT on a whole new level.

This was one of those books where I liked and hated the main characters all at the same time. Toby is a great guy, he’s just NOT the alpha guy that I usually go for in a book. He’s insecure and allows his family and friends to put him down constantly. At times, he even belittles himself. He’s a go with the flow kind of guy, who doesn’t seem to lose his temper and he never stands up for himself.

Esther, while I respect her for being a single mom without help from anyone, I hate that she put herself in that situation. Her mother died years ago and her father died while she was pregnant. While she was in the hospital giving birth to Charlie, she was mad at Toby because he wasn’t there to support her. She made the decision not to tell Toby she was pregnant, thus causing herself to be alone. She likes to blame Toby for never being around. She has several moments of immaturity when it comes to Toby. One thing I REALLY liked about Esther is that she had the guts to stand up for Toby when it came to his friends and family belittling him.

At times I felt that Toby was too aggressive sexually, but it turned out that was just the way Esther liked it. Even with the character flaws, I still really liked this book. You will immediately hope that these two can work out their problems. I found myself looking forward to the next book in the series.

While this is a hot steamy erotic romance, I found that it still has nice life lessons. One of my favorite quotes from the book is:
"The thing about forgiveness is that it's not about forgetting. It's not about pretending it didn't happen. It's about accepting that someone made a mistake. That they did something because they were hurt, or angry. And it's about acknowledging that although it's not okay, providing they show remorse it IS possible to move on. You have to accept the other person isn't perfect. Loving someone--REAL love, not hearts and flowers stuff--is about recognising their faults and saying it's okay, I'm going to love you in spite of them."

Rating: 4

Release Date: March 26, 2013
Book Length: 329 pages
Source: Publisher
Reading Format: Available in only in eBook

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