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Urgent: One Nanny Required Promo & Giveaway

Hotshot Hollywood Director Nick Trenton, needed a nanny and fast. It certainly hasn't helped that his son had run off all the others he had employed and with a big shoot coming up in LA for three weeks he was running out of options. Then along comes Rania George- sweet shop owner and one of the few people his son didn’t want to give the slip. Yes, she seemed to dislike him from the get-go, but he could work around that. He loved his son and would do anything to get the lovely Miss George to say yes to his plan.

Rania was used to children hanging outside her sweet shop but seeing one alone on a dark night was a first. What sort of parent would let their child wander the streets at night!

That was until she met his Hollywood Director Father. No wonder his son was wandering the streets alone, his father was probably too self absorbed to notice. She’d learnt from an early age that anything Hollywood related was bad news. Okay so he was attractive but she had vowed from to stay away from anything, and she meant anything Hollywood. Not that it helped when his cute as a button son captured her heart so easily nor when she was being offered to babysit said son for a huge amount of money. Only catch was she had to fly to Hollywood and spend three weeks in the company of his devastatingly attractive father.

The question was after all her experiences with Hollywood, was she willing to risk it all…

“What about a boyfriend?”
“Boyfriend? Yes I’ve had those. So…?”
His impatient exhale was a sure sign her vague response had worked. Perhaps now he would back off and let her be.
“Yes, I’m sure you did. What I would like to know is if you have one now?”
“I’m not sure that is any of your business.”
“Just answer the damn question!” The sharp comment exhaled on a frustrated sigh had her turning around and facing him.
“I don’t see how that is any of your business. What do you want, exactly?”
She knew as soon as the words left her lips that she was going to regret the answer, his eyes steady as he looked at her.
“Miss George, I would like to hire you to be my son’s full-time nanny.”
He had to be joking.
However, from the look on his face, Rania didn’t think that was the case. “You can’t be serious. I mean, you hardly even know me and besides I can’t. Unless it’s escaped your attention; I have a shop to run and it’s very busy.”
He arched one eyebrow at her while looking around the shop. Rania knew what he saw; the paint peeling, the scratched flooring and the worn counter. Minor details she hoped to fix when business picked up again, as it surely would.
“If you insist.” He sighed, as if placating a child. “What I am suggesting will work out for both of us. Theo has his half term coming up in a week’s time and I am flying out to the States for a big production commercial. He obviously likes you and I have a feeling he won’t run away from you.”
“And this works out for me how?”
“I will pay you double what you earn here which should be enough to cover any repair expenses your shop may or may not need,” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets and fixing her with his glacial gaze.
What was it about this man that rendered her speechless; something she was sure she had never encountered before tonight. “I can’t just up and leave. What about getting someone to cover my shop?”
“Do you have someone to cover? A trusted friend, maybe, or reliable weekend help you could ask?”
Yes, she did; damn it. Chewing on her lower lip, she nodded, annoyed to see a wide grin begin to spread on his too-handsome face.
“You’ve got a week till the half term. Here’s my card, in case you have any further questions,” he said, digging in his back pocket and producing an immaculate ivory card with black embossed letters on the front.
“C’mon, Theo. Ready to go?” he asked as the reason for this whole situation bounded through the door toward a navy Jaguar outside.
“Bye, Belle. See you later!”
Lifting a hand to wave him off, she didn’t see a point in correcting him. After all, she wasn’t going to take the offer…was she?

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Author Bio: Olivia Logan lives in the ever sunny UK where if she’s not writing her newest romance, she’s planning the next one.

Connect with Olivia Logan:

The lovely Olivia would like to ask you a question.  In exchange for the BEST answer, Olivia will award one commenter an eBook copy of Urgent: One Nanny Required.  Okay, RYWBR visitors, What's your dream destination and why?  (Be sure to leave your email address, in case you are the winner.)  Contest ends on Wednesday, April 24th.

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  1. I would love to go to Ireland..It's where my Grandfather came from. He came over in a boat with his sister when they were very young and it would really be cool to try and trace his steps just to see if maybe there are relatives still there..grandmatinaof2 at gmail dot com

  2. My dream destination is to go back to the island of St. John. I only got to spend less than a day there & spend it at Trunk Bay. What a beautiful beach & the water is some of the best I have ever seen in the carribean. I would love to just go back & explore the whole island. I feel relaxed when I'm at the beach. Maybe I was a fish or a seagull in another life. There is even a place on the island that you can camp. That may be something to look into.

    This book is on my TBRs. I cannot wait to see what happens between Nick & Rania.

    JessieL62 at comcast dot net

    1. That sounds nice. My island of choice is Necker Island.

  3. Sounds like your characters have a good conflict. rcoope23 at

  4. My dream destination is probably the UK - England, Scotland, Ireland - all the lovely places I read about in regencies and historical romances. Would be so beautiful!



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