Tuesday, May 14, 2013

REVIEW ~ Forbidden by Lisa Clark O'Neill

Special Agent Clay Copeland lives his job.  As a behavioral specialist with the FBI’s Investigative Support Unit, his days are spent traveling the country assisting other law enforcement agencies with their most disturbing and difficult cases.  Clay excels at his work, maintaining an easygoing affability and sense of humor despite his frequently gruesome job.  Until one case goes terribly wrong…

Shaken by the loss of a young child whose death he lays at his own feet, Clay seeks refuge in the sandy beaches and plentiful feminine distractions to be found along the South Carolina coast.  And no female has ever distracted him quite as much as local innkeeper Tate Hennessey.

A woman with her own ghosts, Tate is a single mother to five-year-old Max.  Against her better judgment, she finds herself drawn to the charming and handsome agent.  When an outing to a traveling carnival ends with another family’s tragedy, Tate and Clay are sucked into the resultant investigation into the abduction of a young teen.  And neither of them can be prepared for what their chance encounter eventually uncovers.


Forbidden was a very well written and easy read.  The characters were relatable and the storyline moved with a consistent flow as if I were watching a trilogy on CSI.  Forbidden has the perfect balance of romance and suspense so that it came off as being realistic and not as I had expected.

After a hostage negotiation ends horribly, FBI profiler, Clay Copeland takes some much needed time off in South Carolina.  His plans are to soak up some sun and some scantily-clad women on the beach.  No sooner than his beach front vacation begins, Clay stumbles into the lives of Tate Hennessey and her son, Max.  What happens next, is a roller coaster ride that’s more heart-stopping than the rides at the carnival that becomes the center of the story.

Clay, Tate, and Tate’s entire family become enthralled in a case that involves murder, rape, kidnapping, and human trafficking.  In addition, it all leads up to a twist that involves characters from Tate’s past.  To make things even more complicated, Clay and Tate have to deal with their own animal attraction.  Clay has to hold back a stream of emotions if he wants to have a happy ending.

Overall, this was an intriguing book.  I would be very interested in reading other books by this author.

Rating: 5

Release Date:  February 3, 2013
Book Length:  412 pages
Source:  Author
Reviewed by:  Gemini
Reading Format:  Available in eBook and Paperback

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