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GUEST POST ~ Mason Elliott Naero's Run

2595: Ten years after The Fourth Spacer War with the rival GigaCorps. Naero Amashin Maeris works in her Clan's merchant fleet, dreaming of her own ship and developing psyonic powers without going nuts. After tragedy strikes her Clan in the Unknown Regions, agents from the Corps stalk her, believing she holds the key to secrets priceless and deadly: lost tek data from an ancient, godlike alien race. Soon she's caught up in a white hot intrigue of raiders, assassins, and warring interstellar spies and fleets. Even worse, the greatest threat might yet lurk deep within herself. And Naero's Run has only just begun to heat up.

~~Today, Mason Elliott, author of Naero's Run stops by to give us a look into Naero and her world.~~

Naero's Run takes place in 2595, over 500 years into the future. Humans are the dominant space-faring race, and have explored approximately one quarter of the galaxy.  By that time, the forty-nine free Spacer Clans control half of known space.  Around 2240, desperate Spacers fleeing Corps tyranny genetically altered themselves to be able live in space constantly, without any detrimental physiological effects or the need to protect vulnerable homeworlds.
There have already been four Spacer Wars with the Corps, and the Spacers have just barely managed to win all of them.  The Corps have greater raw numbers.  The Spacers maintain a slight tek advantage.  Due to the hatreds born from the wars, landers, or non-spacers call Naero's people 'spacks,' a terrible racial slur.
Naero spends most of Book One fleeing from and fighting fifteen of the sixteen GigaCorps and their agents who basically want to control, dominate, and exploit everyone else.  Only one GigaCorp, Joshua Tech, is a positive force, siding with the Spacer Clans and their other allies.
Yet the genetic modifications also made Spacers stronger, faster, longer-lived, and awoke psyonic abilities in them as they became an offshoot, an important new sub-species of humanity.
Naero is nineteen, about year before she comes of age at twenty.  She only stands about five feet tall, and chafe's at being short, but she can leap fifteen meeters and lift six hundred pounds.  A Spacer prodigy, Naero is a superb pilot and warrior, the oldest child of parents who were top galactic martial artists on the interstellar fight circuit.  Even at her young age, Naero has earned the high rank of Leftenant in the Clan Maeris merchant fleet.  Her closest friends are other Spacers in the fleet, including fighter pilots, teks, and medical students.
When Naero starts exhibiting strange psyonic abilities, she thinks she's going insane.  Next, to make matters worse, outlaws, renegades, thugs, Corps big-wigs, torturers, and enemy assassins and agents stalk and attempt to capture her and her younger brother Janner.
Throw in a murderous race of space marauders, various other alien threats, a captured enemy prince, and a major revolt in the mining worlds, and the stage is set for an all-out interstellar war.  Naero and her friends and allies must fight for their very survival against incredibly heavy odds as things quickly go from bad to worse.  Only Naero's indomitable courage and skill and that of her people will give them any chance of survival.
Naero's a kick, a force of nature. She packs a punch and a great sense of humor too.  Naero's Run, Book One in the Spacer Clans Adventures introduces Naero, her friends, and her exciting future to readers, and lays the groundwork for a fierce new series to come. Book Two, Naero's Gambit will be released later in 2013, with even more surprises and excitement in store as her adventures speed on.  Naero's Run is SF action and adventure at its best. Readers looking for exciting space opera will not be disappointed.

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About The Author Mason Elliott   

Mason Elliott grew up loving Science Fiction and Fantasy in all of their myriad forms. That love has transferred into his dedicated writing. He lives a Spartan lifestyle and yearns to quit his day job, write even faster, and retire on the Pacific Coast. If you read his novels and short stories and enjoy them, please support him by recommending his works to others, and if possible, write and submit a review online. Thank you for supporting up and coming authors.

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