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REVIEW ~ The Book of Spells by Jennifer Probst

The Book Of Spells is the OFFICIAL love spell from the bestselling MARRIAGE TO A BILLIONAIRE SERIES by Jennifer Probst. This also contains an EXCLUSIVE SHORT story with Nick and Alexa from the bestselling book MARRIAGE BARGAIN.

THE BOOK OF SPELLS is a short book so I figured I would try a different approach to writing my review.  This way, I won’t be tempted to give too much of the book away.

Takeaway Summary

What did I think:  I didn’t know what to expect going in reading this story.  It’s called THE BOOK OF SPELLS but it’s more of a short story for fans of Nick and Alexa from THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN.
Pace of the story:  The pace of the story is good.  It had my attention wondering what was going to happen, if I needed to pull out a tissue or not.
Positives:  You get to see the love STILL shared between Nick and Alexa.  And reminded me why they are one of my top couples.  Not that I need to remember of why I loved them.
Negatives:  Nick and Alexa are it for me.  I loved them in THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN.  Unfortunately, I read their story a couple of years of ago and didn’t remember all of the details of the core problem in this book.
Do I Recommend the book:  Definitely.  But at least for me, it would help if THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN was fresh in your mind.
Bottom Line:  I give the book a 3.5 rating.  It was enjoyable and I liked having the opportunity to visit the first characters I read by Jennifer.

Release Date: June 8, 2013
Book Length: 32 pages
Source: author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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