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Review ~ GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS by Mickey J. Corrigan

Marcy Margate has it all: she's young, rich, and built like Barbie. She isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but the girl's got sass and spunk to spare. Plus, she's sizzling hot. When her marriage to a real live genius starts to dim and grow cool, however, she's tempted to fool around with the horny neighbor. It would be so simple just to revert to her former loose, single-gal ways, so easy to take the sleazy way out.
But Marcy loves her husband, even if Jess Margate is from the planet of the nerds. She decides to play it smart for a change. Using spyware and creative strategy, she plots to find out why her geek has been interruptus. Armed with the latest in miniature technology, Marcy plans to uncover the cause for the downtime in their love life.
A modern romantic comedy of hot errors and hotter apologies, Geekus Interruptus is a story for our time. Because these days, nerds rule. And geeks have guilty pleasures too, some quite different from our own.


Wow, this book was short & sweet.  Only took me 45 minutes to read but it was very good.  I really enjoyed the crazy way Marcy thinks her geeky husband is cheating on her and the measures she takes to try and prove it.  She's obviously way off base when Jess proves her wrong.  It's quite endearing and quirky and makes me want to take a second look at my own humdrum marriage.  Marcy spices up her marriage in a way Jess highly approves.  It's a good quick read for those on the go and not a lot of time to spend reading.
Rating: 4
Release Date: May 1, 2013
Book Length: 39 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Julie
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book but I would need more that 39 pages of story. Glad to see that you enjoyed it though.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. Hey Kristin,

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. I didn't read the book, another reviewer did. But I REALLY want to know what happened. It sounds like Mickey was able to get everything you need in a book in, with only 39 pages.

  2. This sounds like an adorable read! I'm experimenting with some shorter stories myself right now, so I'd like to see how much Mickey was able to squeeze in to a shorter piece. Intrigued! :)

    1. Tamara Hoffa wrote a short story I loved, Roping Love.

      I understand writers (at least most) write to make money. But for me personally, when a book is short, I think $2.99 is too much to pay. I just feel that you could have a seriously good book, but put people off with the price and thus not have anyone read it.

    2. I'm a little reluctant to pay that much for a short story, too, but I've added this one to my wish list at least. I'm still learning about self-publishing options on Amazon, but I think it will still let authors price some books at 99 cents, depending upon which author program you sign up for. 99 cents sounds like a decent price to me. We'll see!

    3. I can go CRAZY over paying $.99 for books. I'm NOT saying that you should price a book that 300 pages at that price though. But I also think that as readers, we don't know how the publishing world and pricing work, so that influences our decisions on how much to pay for books.

  3. Interesting comments! As the author, I have no say about pricing. But I totally agree with you that novellas can be overpriced. This publisher closed their doors just a couple weeks ago, but I was able to find another publisher willing to re-release the book. It comes out September 15th and the price is considerably lower. I think it will be around $1.50. Will that help?

    I learned a lot from you folks, so thanks for your input!

    1. From what I hear, most people don't want to pay for than $3.99 for a full length book. I think some are will to forget that price, if it's an author they really like. But for an author they've never heard of it, it gets tough.

      I think that it also doesn't help that as readers, at least for me, knowing how the publishing world works would help. I think most people think that if your book is say $3.99 that you get a big chuck of that. When in reality, you might get 1% if you're lucky.

    2. Authors don't take home a big share from a book's sales price so they need to sell a LOT of books to make good money. Every contract varies, but if a novella sells for $1.49 like my new one will, then I might make 45 cents per copy sold on a site like Amazon. Considering a book, even a short one, must be written, rewritten, submitted, rejected, resubmitted, accepted, contracted, edited, line edited, proofread, marketed and promoted, that's a LOT of work for very little money.

      I like it when the prices on my books are realistic and affordable. But free books devalue the work of writers. So there has to be a balance, a point at which the book is not overvalued but not undervalued either. If writers can't make a living, they will eventually quit writing.

      Personally, I'm thrilled to have a new publisher and a better, lower price on my novella. Now I can see if that helps sales.

      Thanks for your input on this!


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