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SPOTLIGHT & INTERVIEW ~ Just Like In The Movies by M.B. Feeney

Just Like in the Movies by M.B. Feeney

Ava Jones has settled for a life that she’s not sure she wants anymore, but won’t admit it. Her best friend, Erica Davidson talks her into taking a break on the Isle of Wight. Her days on the island are spent thinking things through, and arguing with Morgan whom she hates on principal.

Is it so wrong for her to want a life that follows the script of a honest to God romance film?

I’d met Marcus Tripp not long after joining Wilson Insurance. Although I’d never really fancied him, he was persistent. Our friendship had grown, and we’d fallen into a routine that suited both of us. I was happy with the attention, and the sex . . . yeah, it was okay. As time passed, the earth rarely moved when we were intimate; more often than not, it was pretty much over before it began. Still, we stayed together, more out of habit and familiarity than anything else. We did love each other. I just wasn’t sure that it was enough.
In the evenings I spent alone, I would daydream about living the life of a lead in a Hollywood chick flick, but then reality would slap some sense into me. My life was as good as it was going to get. I wasn’t about to be swept off my feet any time soon. Marcus and I were comfortable, and that was enough — for me, at least. I was too scared to ask Marcus what he felt.
We tried for a couple of years to have children, but it never happened. After many serious discussions, we decided to give up on the idea altogether. That was when we bought our first fur baby: a beautiful Collie cross called Rhea. She was our little girl, and we both doted on her. We assuaged our guilt over our mutual neglect by caring for Rhea, devoting our attention to another living being rather than to each other. The puppies, Remus and Romulus, soon joined her, and our “family” was complete.
For as long as I’d known him, Marcus had played Sunday League football, which was followed by an afternoon with his teammates at the very pub I was now approaching. Coupled with training one evening a week, his evenings out gave me more than enough time to spend with Erica or at home with the dogs.
“Have you thought any more about that holiday I mentioned?” Erica asked while we claimed our usual table. Our customary bottle of red wine was already ready and waiting for us.
“I have . . .” My words drifted away when I thought back to her idea of a girlie getaway on the Isle of Wight. Just as its name suggested, the top-class Lakeside Hotel with attached spa was located right next to a beautiful lake. Bliss.
“And? Why the hesitation?” Erica pushed like she always did, her blue eyes flashing once more as she looked into my brown ones.
The idea of a real getaway made the blonde hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, but I tried to rein in my excitement. “I don’t know. It sounds amazing, and Lord knows I could do with some time away.”
“Do it, then.”
I knew I had enough holiday time available at work. Screw it.
“Let’s do it.”


Hi M.B..  Welcome the Read Your Writes Book Reviews.  Please introduce yourself?
Hi. I’m M.B. I’m a student teacher, mum of two and general person who cleans after everyone else in my house *waves*
What was your inspiration for the book?  (Is there an actor and actress you picture as being Ava & Morgan?  I would like to pull pictures and have as part of the interview.)
Originally, Just Like in the Movies was a fan fiction (yup, one of those) based around the characters of Alice and Jasper from the Twilight Saga, so I kind of see Jackson Rathbone (without the ropey wig) and Ashley Green as Morgan and Ava, but not in their Twilight guises, more like how they look during their ‘downtime’. Bit of a copout I know, but it’s how I originally saw it.
Interesting.  So, tell me about JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES.
I had the idea for the story after I had watched the film Letters to Juliet. I realized that most romance films, be they rom-coms or just your regular ‘boy-meets-girl’ story all have a similar formula and I wondered if I could write that.
A lot of the story is based around things I’d like to do (such as the beach house experience), but I have to admit, I have never been to the locations I’ve written about.
What are Ava & Morgan like?  What do you love about them?
I love Ava’s tenacity. If she thinks you’re wrong… she’ll tell you without a second thought. She loves her family and good friends, but sometimes doesn’t think she’s loved back which is one of her major flaws, that and she’s stubborn.
Morgan… I think he’s a little bit of my dream man in that he likes to read and is good with his hands. He’s such an easy going kind of guy who doesn’t allow much to get to him, but when it does, he’s determined to unravel the problem to make life a better place.
What’s your favorite part of a romance novel to read or write? (The beginning, the first meeting, first kiss, getting to know each other, first love scene, big fight, HEA or something else?)
I think for me, the best part of writing romance is the characters getting to know each other. It’s a great way of revealing details little by little about them, their lives and their personalities. It can be quite hard knowing how much or little to reveal, but I find it so much fun.
~M.B. Tidbits~
Favorite food?
Winter or Summer?
Both. I’m a winter baby and LOVE playing in the snow, but I also like being able to relax in the summer sun.
Look around you….What’s to your left?
My bookcase
Early Bird or Night Owl?
I was always a night owl, but since having kids, I’m becoming more of an early bird which sucks as most of the people I speak to online are in time zones behind mine.
Three things currently in your purse.
My camera, my phone (lifeline) and my Kindle
Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.
Thank you, Kim.

About M.B. ~
M. B. Feeney is an army brat who finally settled down in Birmingham, UK with her other half, 2 kids and a dog.  She's also a student teacher, a doodler and a chocoholic.  Writing has been her one true love since she could spell, and publishing is the culmination of her hard work and ambition.

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