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Review ~ SURRENDER TO SULTRY by Macy Beckett

Leah McMahon is back in Sultry Springs, Texas to help her dad recover from surgery. But there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s none other than Colton Bea, the wild-as-weeds boy who stole her heart a decade earlier.

Colt’s a changed man, and the feelings between these high school sweethearts are stronger than ever. But Leah’s got a secret so devastating that he may never forgive her. Can she find a way to earn absolution and build a future with the sultry man she’s loved half her life?


Surrender to Sultry is the third book in the Sultry Springs Series.  While it can be read alone, I think your reading pleasure would be enhanced if you read at least the second book, A Shot of Sultry.  In the second book, you get a glimpse into the life of Colton Bea, the hero of Surrender to Sultry.
I’ve read all three books and I have to say this book has a completely different feel to it.  You still get the funny moments Macy is known for but there aren’t a lot of them.  Surrender to Sutlry is deeper, heartbreaking, and touching all at the same time.  The book takes places two years after A Shot of Sultry.  During this time, Colton has grown up a lot.  He now takes his job as the sheriff extremely seriously.  Colton no longer does one night stands and drinking like there is no tomorrow.  But one thing about Colton that hasn’t changed is his feelings for the one who got away, Leah McMahon.
Colton was a bad boy trouble maker in high school.  His parents sent him to Sultry Springs to stay with his grandfather, in hopes that the judge could straighten him out.  Leah MaMahon was and is the only daughter of widower Pastor MaMahon.  Colton and Leah became friends, with Leah tutoring him in different subjects.  With Colton’s bad boy reputation on the line, he made a bet with another guy that he could get Leah to ditch her purity vow.  When Colton succeeded he was happy to report back what he did, to which the other guy made a grand announcement about it.  Leah and Colton breakup and a month or so later, Leah left town.  
Ten years go by with Colton not being able to find Leah and with Leah not speaking to anyone in town or returning for visits.  Once Leah is back, Colton makes it his mission to show her he’s a changed man and win her back.  However for Leah, her only goals are to take care of her father and avoid Colton like the plague while she’s in Sultry.  Since she’s left, Leah has been hiding a secret from Colton and everyone in town.  It’s a guilt she’s carried day in and day out.  It’s definitely a secret I didn’t see coming.
The romance in this book is a slow burn, until it heats up to boiling hot.  Surrender to Sultry is a story about forgiveness and second chances.  Everytime I read a Sultry book, I think it’s better than the previous.  But no... By FAR Macy has saved the best for last.  Surrender to Sultry wraps up the series nicely.
Rating: 5
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Book Length: 320 pages
Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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