Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Guest Post by Jenna Rutland

Halloween for many is a time to dress up and have some fun.  Ever wonder what your favorite Entangled Bliss author’s best Halloween costumes have been or what their favorite Halloween memory is?  Follow the Bliss Trick or Sweet Halloween Haunt to check them all out.

October is one of my favorite months. A crispness to the air, mother nature showing us all the beautiful shades of color as the leaves change, and the smell of burning leaves. Yes, I’m one of those people who love the smell. Along with all these great things, comes Halloween. A spooky time for kids and adults alike. Dressing up as witches, princesses, and night creatures. Parties, scary movies, and, of course, candy.
When I was a kid, the candy was the most important part. Which is funny, because as an adult I’ve lost my interest in sweets. My neighborhood was large, with one part being smaller homes packed close together. There were street lights and sidewalks, which made trick-or-treating quick and easy, and we were rewarded with lots of treats.
But the other side of the neighborhood was where the bigger homes were. They were spread out and were set back from the street. In this area, there were no street lights or sidewalks. As kids we knew if we ventured to this part of our neighborhood we would be given the bigger, better candy bars. Quite the dilemma—get bigger candy bars that take longer to acquire or more of the smaller candies.
Of course we had the perfect plan. We’d hit the homes that were close together first as we made our way to the bigger houses. We’d collect a bunch of kids on our way so that we had a decent sized group to make our way to the dark streets where we weren’t allowed to walk on the grass and had to hike up every driveway.
At the end of the night, I’d empty my bag on the kitchen table. My dad who had the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know, would go through and pick out all the things I didn’t like and ended up with his own pile!
Great memories. Thanks for letting me share them with you. xoxo

Jenna Rutland lives in a small Michigan community with her husband, son and senior cat. Her daughter and son-in-law have recently given Jenna the awesome title of grandmother!

While her days are spent working as a medical transcriptionist, her nights are filled writing contemporary romance—stories of love, laughter and happily ever after. Guess which occupation is more fun?

She is a member of RWA and is active in her local chapter. After several years on the MVRWA board, she now chairs the group’s annual fall brainstorming weekend as well as acts as food coordinator for several other events.

Jenna takes pleasure in spending time with her family. She also enjoys reading, gardening and loves the challenge of a new recipe.

Places to find Jenna Rutland:

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  1. Hi Kim! Hi Jenna! Happy Halloween! Thanks for sharing, Jenna! I love that your dad knew all the candy you didn't like and made his own pile from that.

  2. Hey, Robin! Yes, I think sometimes Dad was more excited about Halloween than we were. LOL.

  3. I'm such a bad parent. My kids don't have these cool memories. But I blame my mom for scaring the crap out of me over and over again. She traumatized me.


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