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Spotlight ~ PARTLY SUNNY by Terry Lee

Partly Sunny
by Terry Lee
Published by World Castle Publishing
Releases ~ September 24, 2013
Houston, a fast-paced city filled with Midtown lofts and to-die-for shopping malls is where Darcy Daniels calls home. At first glance she comes off as shallow as a wading pool and as wrong in how she pursues the ideal life as offering a can of Budweiser at a Junior League event.
The need to portray success clouds her head with every desire from the perfect pair of shoes to the outfit that might catch the eye of Mr. Right. Fashion magazines and celebrity television have created a distorted bubble which hovers overhead, skewing her vision of a meaningful existence. No one knows her self-esteem is as low as her opinion of the clothing she snubs at discount stores. She’s someone she's not. And she knows it.
When she unravels the string holding together her shabby-chic faux existence, what will she find? Her key to happiness glistening like a crown jewel in a display case? Or a handful of diamonds in the rough rejects lacking the designer seal of approval.

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As a native Houstonian, a rarity these days, Terry holds two licensures in the state of Texas: one in chemical dependency counseling, the other in massage therapy. In 2004, she trained to be a volunteer for Houston Hospice, a life-changing training session she believes would benefit all. -“Hospice, contrary to popular belief, is not about dying. Hospice is about helping people live until they die.”
Although writing has been a part of her genetic lineage, the writing bug didn’t officially bite until 2007. From that point on, her true life passion sprouted and came into full bloom. She is an observer by nature…ask any close friend or family member. She has studied lines and movie dialogues for years, which can often become annoying to said above friends and family.  -“I can see the bobble-head nodding!”
When Terry writes, she pulls from what she knows—real people, real life and all the obstacles in between. Her intent is to deliver stories with wisdom, warmth, a medley of emotions and always a touch of humor, which she often finds to be the elixir of life.
She’s married to a wonderful man and has a passel of grandchildren she adores. As a hobby, she crochets baby/security blankets (quite obsessively) for the Linus Project. -  “Crocheting keeps my hands busy at night while I study movies and sit-coms for story ideas.”
She has always said she will learn to knit when she grows up. So far, that hasn’t happened.
Saving Gracie, Terry’s first novel, released by World Castle Publishing in July 2012, won the 2013 Beverly Hills New Fiction Award.

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