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Review ~ BAD COP by Angela McCallister

A cop who tosses the rulebooks to get his way…
Vampire Ian McCready doesn’t care for Alice Capshaw’s opinions about his version of justice. Her humanity makes her off-limits, but that does nothing to lessen his overwhelming desire for her. To Alice, Ian is just another bad cop as detestable as the one who destroyed her family. She’s attracted to him, yes, but he threatened his way into her agency’s murder case and has too many secrets.
When a new case resurrects ghosts Ian believed long dead and buried, his law-bending ways might result in his execution. The second Alice becomes a target, his cold heart flares into blinding existence. But following the law for her sake may end with devastating results.


Bad Cop is an interesting and complex story about Alice Capshaw and Killian “Ian” McCready. Alice Capshaw is the temporary Vice Director of the Vampire Liaison Office which handles the “legal issues, regulations, and enforcement regarding vampire society, the Immortalis.” Killian McCready is a vampire that works for the Legion which is the law enforcement arm of vampire society. He tracks vampires that have committed crimes and he is very good at his job.
Alice and Ian’s worlds collide when they end up working together to solve a string of murders that involve newly turned vampires. Their attraction to each other is immediate and it plays a crucial role in the murder investigation. Their expected love story is typical but everything else about the book isn’t. I had issue with the caste system that involves the vampires. They had a heirarchy that resembles society’s own upper, middle, and lower class. There was so much politics involved that I felt that it took away from the romantic elements of the story. Since the book was part of a series, I may have had a different perspective if I had read the previous book.
To be fair, I did like the fact that although this was a paranormal romance, the relationship between Alice and Ian was rather normal. Ian was over 600 years-old, wealthy, and took his job very seriously. Alice was barely getting by before she took over as Vice Director but she was no damsel in distress. She doesn’t like cops due to something that happened to her brother but she can’t ignore her attraction to Ian. They go through the usual roller coaster ride before they finally realize that they belong together. All in all it’s a fun ride minus the politics. I would recommend this book.
Rating: 3.5
Release Date: October 28, 2013
Book Length: 215 pages
Source: Publisher ~ Entangled: Covet
Reviewed by: Gemini
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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