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What if love really is meant to last?
Kelly and Becky Griffin can’t seem to keep their hands off each other—which would be fine if they weren’t divorced. Every few months, looking for “closure”, they fall into bed together. To keep his mind off of Becky and his floundering acting career, Kelly heads to Turtle Island, Georgia, to be a contestant in the Yummy Santa contest. But when Becky shows up, winning the title is suddenly the last the thing on his mind. Becky has arrived with more than hot ex-sex on the agenda. She’s got a big secret to get off her chest, if she can only get Kelly to listen. Will these two finally get the closure they need, or will their reunion spark a second chance at first love? All bets are off in this fun, sexy romance with Kim Law’s signature Southern charm.

We first met Kelly Griffin in Hot Buttered Yum, where he was a contestant in the Mr. Yummy Santa contest.  However, you don't have to read Hot Buttered Yum to get into this novella.
Kelly and Becky were high school sweethearts who married young and had all of their hopes and dreams before them.  These two were so connected that they each wanted the same things.  Then one day, something happened and they realized they didn’t want the same things after all.  After trying to make their marriage work, they ended up getting divorced.  Only someone forgot to tell them that once you get divorced, you also stop sleeping with each other.
Becky travels from Texas to Georgia to see Kelly and get things off her chest.  What she doesn’t expect is to find that the Kelly she was married to isn’t the same Kelly she encounters on this visit.  For Kelly, the old saying of actions speak louder than words definitely holds true.
Becky and Kelly Griffin are two people that you will love from the beginning.  Watching these two realize that the love they have for each other is greater than either ever knew is truly amazing. This Christmas, these two are going to find out that absence makes the heart grow fonder and when you lose something precious sometimes you get it back and then some.
Rating: 5

Release Date: December 4, 2013
Book Length: 65 pages
Source: Personal Purchase
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading format: Available only in eBook

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