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5 Star Review ~ DOWN AND DEAD IN DIXIE by Vicki Hinze

To live, sometimes ya gotta die!  Daisy Grant is in a heap of trouble.  She stumbles into a mob turf war and now somebody wants her dead.  Daisy may be small-town to the bone, not at all the kind of woman to deal with the Southern Mafia, but she knows how to get creative fast!
Enters the way-too-attractive Mark Jensen... He didn't mean to rescue anybody, and he certainly didn't mean to go on the run because of a stubborn, sassy woman.  Soon they are up to their ears in so many wacky characters they don't know who's on their side.  Daisy and Mark decide that to live, sometimes ya gotta die.  And sometimes to die right takes . . . practice.

Down and Dead in Dixie has so much excitement and suspense, you won't want to stop reading.  Be prepared to love Daisy Grant, she is one tough cookie.
When Daisy Grant witnesses the murder of Edward Marcello, she calls the police and tells them everything, not knowing her life is about to change.  Edward is part of a very powerful mob family, the Marcellos.  His father wants revenge once he finds who shot his son and knows there's a witness.
When Daisy tells Detective Keller who shot Edward, the other mob family goes after her to shut her up.  The only way to protect Daisy is to put her into Witness Protection.  Once in agreement, now she isn't quite sure she made the right decision and makes a break for it and no one knows.  Now the fun begins, except she has no where to go.
As Daisy is escaping, a man grabs her shoulder.  As she’s trying to fight him off, she hears him say, "spit wads and fudgesicles, don't kill me Daisy girl".  Only one person said that, Lester, her next door neighbor.  Lester helps her get away, saying "Beyond those boats is a big gulf. I suggest we get you lost in it. Go for a boat ride, hit the drink, and disappear.”  Daisy is a little nervous about this, but she has no choice.
Daisy’s escapade begins, but she doesn't head straight for Dixie, Florida.  Daisy takes a bus to New Orleans where she meets her brother’s friend, Mark Jensen.  Mark doesn't know who she is.  When Mark sees Daisy fiddling with a coin he tells her that a very good friend had a coin just like that.  Things get really exciting from this point on.  Mark is a sweet guy. He and Daisy start to get to know each other.  Daisy can't tell him the truth so she tells him her name is Lily.  Things start going south for Daisy and Mark gets mixed up along with her.  Hang on for a ride that will get your heart pumping and racing beyond anything I have ever experienced.  
Down and Dead in Dixie is an edge of your seat, thrilling suspense. It will give you laughing, crying and touching sweet moments.  You will love all the people in this book.  This is a great start to a new series by Vicki Hinze.
I was given an ARC of Down and Dead in Dixie for any Honest Review by the author.
Rating: 5
Release Date: January 22, 2014
Book Length: 265 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Mona
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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Down and Dead in Dixie will be on sale for $2.99 on 2/3 and 2/4 ONLY on the Kindle and Nook editions

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