Friday, February 7, 2014

Review ~ CURSED BY CUPID by Wendy Sparrow

Dear Reader, this letter is to inform you of Cupid’s curse, which will fall upon you if you don’t pass this email on to three friends within three hours.
Tilly Morrow didn’t believe in the curse and now she hasn’t had a second date in three years…because all her first dates end in disaster. In fact, she just accidentally punched a guy in the face, leaving her without a date for Valentine’s Day!
Bryant Murphy isn’t sure if the curse is real or not, but if dating Tilly means occasionally getting assaulted with a chocolate shake or nearly electrocuted, it’s worth the risk. Armed with more lucky charms than a bowl of cereal, Bryant will have to battle flying swords, Russian mail-order brides, and shrimp linguini if he’s going to win the girl.

Cursed by Cupid is a story that will leave you smiling.  Everyone has received those chain emails saying that if you forward them to three friends within a certain amount of time, that good things will happen to you and if you don’t bad things will happen.  Well, this is the story of a girl who refused to forward a chain letter.
For the past three years, Tilly Morrow has been having bad luck.  I’m talking the girl falls off a dock and loses her top, gives one date two black eyes, and have I mentioned she hasn’t been on a second date in three years?
Well, Tilly has met her match when she meets Bryant Murphy.  Bryant isn’t sure if the curse is real or if Tilly is just giving herself up to the curse.  But this Valentine’s Day, he’s willing to risk life and limb to have a date or two with Tilly.  So, sit back, relax, and laugh when a chain letter meets it’s match.
Rating: 4
Release Date: February 3, 2014
Book Length: 55 pages
Source: Publisher: Entangled ~ Flirt
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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