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Review ~ STAKING HIS CLAIM by Tessa Bailey

He wants her. All of her.

NYPD sniper Matt Donovan is in Hell. Instead of driving his best friend’s little sister home from college, he’s stuck with her roommate—a fresh-faced ray-of-sunshine with a body that makes grown men weep. There’s no way he’ll allow himself to taint the little vixen, no matter how hard she tries to tempt him, so he resigns himself to the longest—and hardest—drive of his life.
Matt’s obvious attraction suits grad student Lucy Mason just fine. She had no idea her brother’s best friend was so deliciously hot. Knowing he’d never have his wicked way with his buddy’s sister, she lies about her identity and seduces him. But Matt’s no fumbling college boy. His desires run deep—and dark—and he wants to teach Lucy what wicked really means.
Matt’s demanding appetites only make Lucy want more. But when her cover's blown, he’s furious—even as his hunger for her becomes insatiable. Matt can’t trust anyone, least of all himself. And he knows all too well that darkness always destroys the light…


Staking His Claim is the first book by Tessa Bailey I’ve read.  I will definitely be reading more of her books!  To say I didn’t know what to expect was an understatement.  I mean, this is an Entangled: Brazen book.  I’ve read those before.  This book is unlike any Brazen book I’ve ever read.  HOT and INTENSE aren't even the right words.  You need something more to describe this book.
The book had me when I saw that Matt was a sniper with the NYPD.  I mean really what else do you need?  Matt Donovan is one of Brent Mason’s best friends.  When Brent is unable to pick up his baby sister (Lucy) and her roommate (Sasha) up from grad school, he convinces Matt to pick them up for him.  At the very last minute, Sasha decides to ditch her week with Lucy in New York to spend it with her boyfriend.
When Matt finally arrives to pick up the girls, he inadvertently insults Lucy.  Regardless of this, she feels an instant attraction to him as him to her.  Lucy knows that Brent would never sleep with his best friend’s sister, so she lies and tells him that she’s Sasha.  Things quickly heat up for these two until they are unable to control themselves.
As with most lies, the truth is revealed and this happens fairly quickly in the book.  Brent and Lucy are left trying their best to fight the attraction between them but consistently fail.  Besides the fact that Brent doesn’t know about them, Matt is fighting his own demons that his friends don’t know about.  In the end, it’s Matt’s need for dominance and control that could be the end for these two.
As characters, I loved Matt and Lucy.  Lucy has the wrong opinion of what her family thinks of her, which sometimes affects what she does.  Matt is blinded by her strength and passion.  Matt is the hero that every woman dreams of.  He’s flawed but wants to live a better life after falling for Lucy.  My only complaint about the book is that as much as I loved Matt, I found him to be too domineering, aggressive, and rough for my taste.

Rating: 4.5
Release Date: February 3, 2014
Book Length:  176 pages
Source: Publisher ~ Entangled: Brazen
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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