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5 Star Review ~ A MATCHLESS ROMANCE by Christi Barth

Tabitha Bell is the face of Chicago's premiere matchmaking service. At least, she hopes it will be someday, once business really takes off. What she needs is more clients, so when she meets a sexy gamer in need of help, it's the perfect opportunity.
His discomfort talking to women almost cost Drew Watson his job. He'd be happy holed up in his office, designing blockbuster video games, but his boss considers talking to investors a nonnegotiable requirement. Who better than a matchmaker to teach him how to be comfortable around the opposite sex? Trouble is, Drew wants to get more than comfortable with Tabitha, while she's determined to keep their relationship all business.
Soon Tabitha learns that beneath the geek-chic hoodie lies six feet of sexy physique--and the more time she spends with Drew, the more she appreciates his brainy brand of charm. Will she succumb to his sweet-but-nerdy charm offensive or will it be game over before he can win her heart?


A Matchless Romance is the final book in Christi Barth’s Aisle Bound Series.  Even though this book is part of a series you don’t have to read the other books.
A Matchless Romance is the story of Tabitha Bell and Drew Watson.  Tabitha is a matchmaker who’s unlucky in love.  Due to her upbringing, she knows men and she’s very good at matching people together.  Unfortunately for Tabitha, her upbringing also tends to make men have a misconceived perception of her.  Drew is a video game designer.  He’s very good at what he does.  Drew is attractive but doesn't see it.  He tends to say the first thing that comes to mind, and that can be a little awkward in social situations.  Especially around women.  Drew tends to be analytical and takes comments literally.  He is one of those rare heroes who is both an Alpha and a Beta.
Tabitha and Drew initially meet when Drew runs into her and unintentionally cops a feel.  With the future of his new video game on the line, Drew convinces Tabitha to use her matchmaking skills to coach him on how to be around women in order to please his female boss.
The attraction between these two is there from the start.  Drew doesn’t think someone as beautiful as Tabitha could ever be interested in a gaming-geek like him.  Drew is the kind of guy Tabitha really would love to be with.  She doesn’t want to risk her job and become her mother.  When these two finally get together, it’s more than they dreamed.   
Simply put, A Matchless Romance is truly a feel good read that will have you smiling and laughing out loud from the very beginning.  Christi has written a wonderful story to end her Aisle Bound Series.
Rating: 5
Release Date: February 17, 2014
Book Length: 127 pages (41,000 words)
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format:  Available only in eBook

A Matchless Romance can be purchased from Amazon and other eRetailers

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2.  A Fine Romance (review)
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