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Transforming the old Caffey property into Hope Springs's new community arts center won't be easy for celebrated weaver Luna Meadows, but she sees it as a labor of love. The center will honor Sierra Caffey, the best friend Luna lost years ago in a car crash. But when Angelo Caffey - Sierra's older brother and Luna's first love - returns to his family's former home demanding answers, Luna must also face her long-buried feelings for him.
Angelo left Hope Springs - and Luna - eight years ago. Handsome and headstrong, he suspects the beautiful Luna harbors a secret about the accident. Yet despite his best efforts, he can't resist the heat that still simmers between them.
Will the untold truth shatter their future? Or could a new beginning lie within the tangled threads of their past? Part of the Hope Springs series, this charming romance follows two broken hearts on their long journey home.


“There are some things in life we never get over, or make peace with.  They’re just there, a part of us.  They make us who we are.” - Julietta Meadows
Ten years ago on a sunny Sunday evening two accidents changed the lives of Luna Meadows, Sierra Caffey, Oscar Gatlin and their families forever.  Sierra died and Oscar was left in a permanent vegetative state.  Luna was the lone survivor, but she didn't walk away.  Yes, she suffered a broken hip, but the emotional pain she has lived with is far worse than any physical injury she endured.
For ten years, Luna has been stuck and unable to truly let go of the past because of secrets she swore to keep.  Oscar and Sierra were Luna's best friends.  The accident left many questions. Only questions Luna could answer but because of her solemn vow, she has refused to do so.
After the accident, the Caffey's moved away.  Their house, now in foreclosure has become the catalysts for Luna finally coming to terms with her past.  Sierra,a cellist and Oscar, a pianist were destined for great things.  In their honor, Luna has decided to turn the Caffey home and surrounding property into the Caffey-Gatlin Academy, a place where children can immerse themselves in the arts.
With the anniversary of the accident approaching, people are starting to look at Luna again for answers.  First Angelo “Angel” Caffey, Sierra’s older brother and then Oliver Gatlin, Oscar’s brother.  Angelo appears unexpected at the Caffey house and immediately starts to stir old feelings.  Angelo was Luna’s first and only love who broke her heart the day his family left.  Angelo’s only concern is to get answers to his questions. He can’t deny the feelings for Luna that never really left.
Beneath the Patchwork Moon is a wonderful story of friendship, love, and second chances.  It’s full of pain and heartache that will make you cry.  It’s a story about learning to forgive yourself first and foremost, and realizing that sometimes things aren’t as they appear.  It’s about realizing that people make their own path in life and that while you may not like it, it’s their choice.  
Beneath the Patchwork Moon is the second book in the Hope Springs series, however it is a stand alone book.  With that in mind, I’m looking forward to the next book in the series and revisiting Luna, Angelo, and the the other characters.
Rating: 5
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Book Length: 282 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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