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Review ~ OBSESSION by Lisa Clark O'Neill

Trauma surgeon Justin Wellington is accustomed to handling gunshot wounds... just not over his Cobb salad. When a lunch date with his best friend, the woman with whom he's quietly and desperately in love - homicide detective Kathleen Murphy - becomes the scene of a drive-by shooting, Justin's surgical skills are called upon to save the life of a young waitress.
His heroism that day sets into motion a chain of events that brings him to the attention of a dangerous and disturbed individual, threatening his career, his own life and the lives of those he holds dear.
Obsession: Because sometimes what we think is love is really only madness.


Obsession is the fifth book in the Southern Comfort Series by Lisa Clark O’Neill.  It’s the story of South Carolina residents Justin Wellington and Kathleen Murphy.  Justin is an ER doctor and Kathleen is a homicide detective.  They have been close friends for the past few years.  However, there is a spark between them that Justin has wanted to ignite but hasn’t.  When shots ring out inside a shady restaurant where they are having lunch, a chain of events is set off that changes their relationship and threatens their lives.
Although I have not read all of the books in the series, it was not difficult to follow along.  The other books just provide more insight into each of the characters’ relationships.  The chemistry between Justin and Kathleen is fun to watch.  They have a challenging time navigating their way out of the friend zone.  The funny part is that everyone else knows that they are meant to be together.  There is a good balance between the suspense and their budding romance.  As much as I would love to explain the basis of the obsession that the book hinges on, it would take away from what makes it such a good read.  Nonetheless, there is a mystery stalker, murder, and plenty of suspects.
I would definitely recommend this book.  It started off a little slow, but once the stalker increases their advances, the book becomes much more interesting.  You will not know what to expect.
Rating: 4
Release Date: February 9, 2014
Book Length: 520 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Gemini
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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