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Review ~ TANYA by Rebecca Rogers Maher

Tanya—a recovering alcoholic—meets Jack at a roadside stop on the way to her sister’s wedding. Hoping to drown her sorrows in the company of a stranger, she brings him back to her motel room.

The next day, shaken by the intensity of the experience, Tanya joins her sister’s bridal party at an upscale mountain lodge. There, she meets the groom’s family for the first time, including his brother, Jack—just home from the Peace Corps and reeling from his night with the bold, beautiful woman he thought he’d never see again.

Both at a crossroads in their lives, Tanya and Jack collide for one explosive weekend. Will they choose the safety of past regrets, or will they be brave enough to embrace the present—together?

Sometimes it's just easier to be screwed up than allow yourself to try to be happy, to try to "be normal".  What is normal when your whole life has been anything but?
Tanya is the daughter of a drug addict who overdosed and died.  She is the sister of a two time cancer survivor.  Tanya is a recovering alcoholic who uses meaningless sex with men as a way to punish herself for not being a better daughter and sister.
Jack is privileged from a wealthy yet distant family.  He has just spent the last two years in Guyana working for the Peace Corps.  He’s the brother of a clinically depressed man, who almost died in an explosion.  Jack is lost in a world he no longer understands or feels he fits into.
Tanya is told in first person through the eyes of both Tanya and Jack.  This is a mesmerizing story of two siblings who feel guilty for the way they treated their siblings in the past.  They are both lost souls.  What is so wonderful about this story is that these two have gone as low as they can go, but are trying to better themselves.  Unfortunately, they don’t see how far they have come or the way those who love them see them.
Tanya is a story about going to the dark side and fighting your way back into the light.  It’s about realizing that what may be “normal” for other people isn’t “normal” for you, and it’s okay.  It’s about realizing that we all make mistakes and that we have to own them.  It’s about realizing that our past is our past and it doesn’t define who we are.  Tanya is about realizing who you are and discovering the person you want to be.
Rating: 4

Release Date: April 30, 2014
Book Length: 88 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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