Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway ~ BETWEEN THE SHEETS by Molly O'Keefe


Today is the release day for BETWEEN THE SHEETS by Molly O'Keefe.  This is the third book in the Boys of Bishop series.

BETWEEN THE SHEETSPerfect for readers of Susan Mallery and Rachel Gibson, Between the Sheets is Molly O’Keefe’s final book in the Boys of Bishop trilogy, featuring a sizzling romance between a sexy motorcycle bad boy and the girl next door who can’t resist him.   

After years of running, Wyatt Svenson has now parked himself in Bishop, Arkansas, trying to do the right thing and parent a son he didn’t even know he had until recently. Over six feet tall and packed with muscles and power, Ty likes to get his hands dirty, fixing his motorcycle at night and keeping his mind away from the mistakes he’s made. Then his pretty neighbor shows up on his driveway, doesn’t bother to introduce herself, and complains about the noise. First impression? She should loosen up. Funny that she turns out to be his son’s elementary school art teacher—and the only one willing to help his troubled boy. Ty needs her. In more ways than one. 

Though Shelby Monroe is safe in her structured life, she is drawn to Ty’s bad-boy edge and rugged sexuality. What if she just lets it all go: her worries about her mother, her fear of heartbreak, and her tight self control? What if she grabs Ty and takes a ride on the wild side? “What if” becomes reality—intense, exhilarating . . . and addictive. But Ty wants more than a secret affair. He wants it all with Shelby. But will she take a chance and open her heart? Ty is determined to convince Shelby to take the biggest risk of her life: on him.


Purchase the second book in the series - NEVER BEEN KISSED:

Purchase the first book in the series - WILD CHILD:


Molly O’Keefe has always known she wanted to be a writer (except when she wanted to be a florist or a chef and the brief period of time when she considered being a cowgirl). And once she got her hands on some romances, she knew exactly what she wanted to write. 

She published her first Harlequin romance at age 25 and hasn’t looked back. She loves exploring every character’s road towards happily ever after.

Originally from a small town outside of Chicago, she went to university in St. Louis where she met and fell in love with the editor of her school newspaper. They followed each other around the world for several years and finally got married and settled down in Toronto, Ontario. They welcomed their son into their family in 2006, and their daughter in 2008. When she’s not at the park or cleaning up the toy room, Molly is working hard on her next novel, trying to exercise, stalking Tina Fey on the internet and dreaming of the day she can finish a cup of coffee without interruption.
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  1. Thanks for the great giveaway both books sound great!

    1. Hey Timitra!!!

      Long time no see. I read Wild Child and liked it. It was different from the other books I've ready by Molly. Never Been Kissed and Between the Sheets are on my reading list.

    2. Hey Kim!

      Yes it has! Hopefully the email issue has been worked out. I've never read any of this author's work so I'm definitely looking forward to reading

  2. They look really good. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Hey. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure that they're good. It's Molly O'Keefe. Yeah, I'm just a small fan. :)

  3. I love Molly's books, so looking forward to reading this!

  4. I haven`t started this series but I want to so badly! It`s been on my TBR list since I heard the books were coming out!

    1. Hey Ada.

      Thanks for stopping by. Good luck in the contest.


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