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Review ~ SEASON OF SECOND CHANCES by Brighton Walsh

When a storm strands Claire Hanlin in Chicago on Christmas Eve, the last person she expects to come to her rescue is Logan Dawes, the man she almost married two years ago. The chemistry between them is dangerously potent, but with nowhere else to go, Claire accepts Logan's offer to stay with him for the night.

Back in the home they shared, surrounded by reminders of Logan and his young daughter, Claire begins to realize how much she misses the family she almost had. After a few cups of Christmas cheer, she falls right back into her ex's arms-even though she knows it means setting herself up for heartbreak all over again.

The magic of the season has thrown him together with the woman he's never stopped loving, and Logan's not about to pass up this gift. He's not the workaholic he was two years ago-his family comes first. Now all he has to do is prove it to Claire, before the snow stops and she flies out of his life for good.


Raised by a single mother who worked two jobs just to keep them barely afloat, Logan Dawes made a promise that he would never go back to that life.  Driven to be successful, the architectural engineer has put work before everything else. That dogged determination helped to contribute to the failure of his relationship with Claire Hanlin.

Claire understood she wouldn’t be number one in Logan’s life.  She just didn’t expect to be last.  Two years ago, when Claire needed Logan the most, he let her down.  With a snowstorm stranding Claire in Chicago on Christmas Eve, she needs him again.  This time, Logan is determined to not let her down.

Fate has given these two another chance.  But just when everything seems to be on track, old insecurities and miscommunication threaten to tear these two apart forever.

Claire and Logan are two people you can’t help but fall in love with and hope that things work out for them.  Without a doubt, the chemistry between them is still there and hot as ever.  Season for Second Chances is the story of two people who needed time away from each other to see what was important in life and learn the art of compromise.  It’s about forgiveness and of course, second chances.
Rating: 4

Release Date: December 5, 2013
Book Length:  74 pages
Source: Author
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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