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Review ~ TAKE ME IF YOU DARE by Nina Crespo

One decadent dare, one steamy night…

It’s been a year since Jasmine Stewart dumped her cheating ex, so when her best friend dares her to have a one-night stand during a business trip to Miami, Jasmine is all in. But just as she hits her cheesy-come-ons limit, a wickedly hot former soldier comes to her rescue.

Security specialist Ethan Worth’s instincts tell him the gorgeous woman at the bar is trouble. After a sexy dance and even sexier kiss, he knows she is. But when their scintillating night leads to more, the possibility of another long distance relationship sends Jasmine running for the door.

Until the unthinkable happens. Jasmine’s company assigns her to Bode-Wynn, the military security firm where Ethan works. Forced back together, the undeniable heat between them flares to life. But sex is all it can ever be, because taking it further goes against everything Jasmine wants…and everything Ethan fears.


Take Me if You Dare is a really nice read.  Jessica Stewart is a former program coordinator who has a serious aversion to long-distance relationships.  It’s been a year since she dumped her ex-fiancé and had to start her life over again. Ethan Worth is former military turned security specialist, who doesn’t do relationships because he travels a lot for work and because his job has the possibly of being dangerous.  As a child, he watched his grief stricken mother try to pick up the pieces after his military father died.

Jessica is on a business trip to Miami and it just so happens to be her birthday. Since they were eight-years-old, her and her best friend, Tabitha have been birthday daring each other.  This year, Tabitha dared Jessica to have a one-night stand on her business trip.  Jessica and Ethan meet at a bar when Ethan saves Jessica from the sixth guy trying to pick her up.  The two hit it off and agree to dinner and whatever else happens.  Avoiding the next morning walk of shame, Jessica leaves Ethan without telling him goodbye or giving him her contact information.

In a twist of fate, the two meet up again when Jessica is tapped to work with Ethan’s company.  Who knew second chances could be so good.  A one-night stand turns into more than these two bargained for.  They are going to each have to overcome their fears to make this potential relationship work.

I found Take Me if You Dare to be different from other Brazen books I’ve read in the past.  I didn’t find it to be as hot, but it’s not a closed door romance either.  I loved and completely understood both characters and where they were coming from in their thought processes.  Even when I wanted to dislike Jessica, I just couldn’t manage to do so.  I’m so excited that this is the start to a series and I’m really looking forward to the next book.

Rating: 4

Release Date: June 30, 2014
Book Length: 165 pages
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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