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Review ~ SPINKLES ON TOP by Kim Law

For Holly Marshall, there’s no such thing as a perfect match. That’s reflected in the unpredictable, fun clothing combos the aspiring artist wears around her hometown of Sugar Springs—and in her inability to fit in anywhere else. But when she sets out to prove to her family that she’s ready to grow up by settling down, could she have found her perfect mismatch in a play-by-the-book guy wearing a business suit?

High-powered attorney Zack Winston is a man who always gets what he wants. While Holly wouldn’t mind sampling what Zack so deliciously has to offer, she needs someone who plans to stick around—and Zack’s disdain of small towns suggests he won’t. But as the camaraderie of Sugar Springs begins to charm, and Zack’s brothers show what family is all about, he and Holly may just get the chance to have it all…if they’re brave enough to reach out and take it.

If I were to ask you what you thought of when I said, “sprinkles on top” what would you think?  Would you think of cupcakes with pink frosting and multi-colored sprinkles?  Until I read this book, I did.  Now, I think “happy”.  Still kinda weird, right?  How about pancakes with whipped cream and tons of sprinkles?  “Everyone needs happy pancakes once in awhile.” Translation, everyone deserves to be happy.

Sprinkles on Top the third book in Kim Law’s Sugar Springs Series is all about finding what makes you happy; be it love, friendship, family, acceptance or understanding.  For Holly Marshall and Zack Winston, their “happy” is all the above.

Zack Winston was adopted at birth by a loving, wealthy couple in Atlanta, Georgia.  It’s never been a secret that he was adopted.  What has been a secret is the fact that Zack has never thought he was good enough.  Forced to take a vacation from his job and forced by his mother, Janet to make amends for the way he treated his biological brothers, Cody and Nick, Zack finds himself driving to Sugar Springs, Tennessee.

Holly Marshall is the youngest of five kids and the only girl.  She’s never been taken seriously and has never been looked at as her own person.  Holly marches to the beat of her own drummer.  She’s unconventional and she does it on purpose.  It’s just her way to stand out and be noticed.  She’s a fantastic artist who is now doubting her own ability after being put down and rejected in Chicago.

These two people needed each other.  But most importantly, they're right for each other.  Holly wants to be her own person and seen and appreciated for who she is.  "I noticed every last damned thing about you.”  Zack is the one she opens up to and shares her dreams with.  He's also the one who looks at her shoes.  Zack has made it his mission in life to prove to his parents that he was worthy of them picking him.  He's made it his mission to be successful and not risk turning into scum like his birth mother.  But with all his missions and expectations he put on himself, he forgot what it meant to slow down and smell the roses, to truly enjoy life.  I mean for crying out loud, the man drives from Georgia to Tennessee in a freaking suit.  Who does that?  Holly makes him laugh and smile like there's no tomorrow.

I’m amazed that Kim managed to take a man I hated and turn him into someone I loved.  She has managed to give all the characters in this book and the whole series for that matter tremendous depth, soul, and just overall feelings to make them real.  To make you want to get to know them and have them accomplish whatever their hearts dare.  

Sprinkles on Top is a funny, heartwarming story that will take you on a journey of friendship, heartbreak, love, and discovery.  And make you hungry for freaking pancakes.  You will laugh and cry, and in the end feel as if your heart is going to burst from the sheer magnitude of the final events of the book.

Rating: 5

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Book Length: 368 pages
Source: Montlake via NetGalley
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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