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Review ~ SWAN PRINCE by Erin Lark

Trapped between his royal heritage and swan shifter status, Oliver doesn't pay close attention during his flock's winter migration, and gets caught in the crosshairs of a trigger-happy hunter.
Careening toward the ground with no place to go, Oliver submits to his human form. As his swan's feathers recede, he seeks shelter in an old barn.
Bastion's spent the better part of his adult life caring for a bunch of bullheaded stallions, but this is the first time he's ever found a naked and gorgeous man in one of his stalls. When he asks the man his name, he doesn't get a reply. Without a wallet or a voice to tell him who this stranger is, Bastion takes Oliver in, clothes him and tends to a mysterious wound.
Oliver has nowhere else to go. Bastian is in a bind after firing a farmhand who would much rather call in sick than do his job. When passion flares, can Bastion and Oliver overcome their differences, or will this swan prince fly south?


They say fate determines who comes into our lives.  In this case, fate finds the form of a swan-shifting prince.  A majestic combination and one who comes crashing to the ground, injured seeking safety in a stranger's barn.  It sounds like a fairy tale and in many respects Swan Prince was.  A passionate and touching fairy tale containing two endearing men who find love where they least expect it.

Whilst the early part of the novella was a little slow going, it does create a fairly detailed picture of both Oliver and Bastion as characters.  Alternating between both their perspectives, we discover their thoughts, feelings and fears and there was nothing not to love about these men; they have a beautiful chemistry, are comfortable with their growing feelings and have a deep connection and understanding – particularly from Bastion as Oliver is mute for the majority of the book.  Erin Lark has done a wonderful job in keeping the story flowing with, in the main, only thoughts from one half of the couple.

I enjoyed it hugely.  Passionate in many more ways than simply the between-the-sheets kind, I found it fairly low angst and whilst it didn’t hold any huge surprises and there were a couple of elements to the story I would have liked elaborated on, it was captivating romantic journey.

Rating: 4

Release Date: August 4, 2014
Book Length: 149 pages
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by: Nicola
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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  1. Great review. I really enjoyed this story too. :)

    1. After reading Nicola's review, I want to read the story myself now.


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