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Review ~ TAKEN BY TUESDAY by Catherine Bybee

Judy Gardner:  College graduate Judy stands ready to conquer the world…if she can get a job.  Hoping to transition from aspiring architect to famous architect as quickly as possible, the dark-haired beauty moves to LA, staying in the home of her celebrity brother, Michael Wolfe.  But it’s hard for Judy to focus on work when the sexy bodyguard she fell for last summer keeps showing up in her life and leaving her breathless.

Rick Evans:  With his hard body, green eyes, and easy smile, Rick could have any woman he wants.  But the Marine-turned-bodyguard only has eyes for Judy and her spitfire attitude.  When a faceless villain attacks Judy, Rick will stop at nothing to protect the woman who opened his heart from the monster hunting her.


I haven’t read a Catherine Bybee book since Wife by Wednesday came out over three years ago.  I have to admit, I was a little worried to read Taken by Tuesday since it's the fifth book in the series, but it's pretty much a standalone read.  Events from previous books are mentioned, but for the most part, things are explained.  If you've read the other books, then you will be happy to know that the previous characters make appearances.

Rick Evans is a former Marine who now works in private security.  He generally spends most of his time being the personal bodyguard of Hollywood star, Michael Wolfe.  When he's not watching Michael's back, he's watching the back of those in Michael's family/friend circle.

Judy Gardner is one of Michael's younger sisters.  She has just graduated from the University of Washington.  Judy and her best friend and college roommate Meg move to LA, where Judy has a six month internship with Benson & Miller Designs, an architectural firm.  The two plan to stay at Michael's house while he's out of town.  

There's no secret there is an attraction between Judy and Rick.  Everyone who sees them together can see it.  Taken by Tuesday is one of those love stories for the ages.  I liked this couple immediately.  They have this wonderful, playful, teasing banter between them.  And of course, their attraction is unbelieveable.

For probably a year, these two have skirted around their attraction for each other.  Every time Rick asks her out Judy says no.  Not because she doesn’t want to go out with him, but because she knows he is "it" for her.  Meaning she is afraid that being with him could seal her fate into forfeiting her dream of being an architect and straight into being a PTA mom.

When Judy draws the unwanted attention of a stalker and is ultimately attacked, Rick makes it his life's mission to find the person responsible.  What transpires from that point on shows what these characters are truly made of.  It also is the catalyst Judy needs to realize that it’s time for her to act on her feelings for Rick.

With characters you can’t help but fall in love with, Taken by Tuesday delivers on a friendship turned into a romantic relationship that becomes drool worthy. Judy is funny, smart, has a strong inner-strength, and amazing conviction. Rick is easy-going and laid back, but has the ability to become serious when the time calls for it.  He’s protective and loves Judy like a man worthy of her love should.  Simply put, these two complete each other.

Rating: 5

Release Date:  August 12, 2014
Book Length:  308 pages
Source: Publisher ~Montlake
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available in eBook and Paperback

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  1. Thanks for your lovely review and a spot on your blog. I'm glad you dipped in even without reading books 2 - 3- 4 . xoxo

    1. It was so easy to get into. You explained everything necessary for someone to just pick up the book. I can't wait for Meg's and Michael's books.


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