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Review ~ SILENT LOVE by Holly Hall

Ellen has been deaf since she was born.  She's not the most technical person, but she learned the basics of how to work a computer and loved emailing her sister.  One day Ellen's sister asks her to try out a video chat program.  Being able to see her sister Ellen would be able to communicate with sign language. When she accidentally calls the wrong video chat address, a handsome young US marine answers her call.  To Ellen's surprise, he begins using sign language back to her.  Finally finding someone who isn't afraid of her handicap, Ellen is overjoyed.  But will things keep working out between them? Only time will tell.


Silent Love by debut author Holly Hall starts out as being a really, really sweet, touching, and overall feel good read.  Unfortunately, the best ideas don’t always turn out to be that good.  The story is broken into three parts and when I read the story, I was unaware of this.  In fact, my contact at the publisher wasn’t aware of this.  The ending came fast and just left me with a big cliffhanger, WTF.  So yeah, a little warning would have definitely made a difference in my reading enjoyment.  Truthfully, this book was easily a 5 star for me until I got to the end.  

A little over a week has passed since I brought this information to the publisher’s attention.  I’m disappointed that the publisher hasn’t changed the blurb on their website or the blurb on other sites to inform the reader that this book has three parts and does not stand on its own.  I am the first to admit that I don’t understand the publishing world, but their website SHOULD inform the reader.

Ellen has been deaf since she was born.  The twenty-year-old pretty much spends all of her time in her room on the internet.  She communicates with her sister Michelle via video chat.  Ellen accidently calls the wrong chat ID and connects with twenty-four-year-old Brian, who is a Marine stationed in Naples, Italy.  When Ellen starts to apologize in sign language, she’s surprised to find that Brian also knows sign.  The two strike up a new age tech friendship, communicating via email and video chat.  I found that at times their interaction seemed to be child like or childish but that could be because Ellen doesn’t get a lot of human interaction outside of her family since the world at large doesn’t know how to communicate with her.

This installment of the book which is only 22 true reading pages long, just makes you want to smile until you get to the unexpected cliffhanger.  I honestly think that maybe since this is a three-parter, with the two remaining books probably being about the same length, that it’s best to wait until all three parts are out to read them.

I do know however, with the way the book ended, that the other two books are going to be filled with some heartache before Ellen and Brian find their happy ever after.  I also know that this book and author are worth reading.  However, the question does remain, will the publisher price this serial out of range for someone to take a risk on a new author.  If everything is the same, I just feel that $3.00 is a lot to spend for only 66 pages of reading for a new author.

Rating: 4 - Because I don’t want to penalize the author for the publisher’s POOR marketing.

Release Date: September 6, 2014
Book Length: 9,999 words (22 True Reading Pages)
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by: Kim
Reading Format: Available only in eBook

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