Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review ~ HEAT OF THE MOMENT by Robin Kaye

Heat of the Moment
by: Robin Kaye
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 21, 2014
Source: Publisher ~ Penguin: Intermix

Cameron O’Leary, a 4th generation firefighter turned arson investigator, thinks he’s the luckiest man in the world—after a year of sickness in the family, everyone’s finally on the mend, and his life can go back to its even keel. But even though Cameron has moved to Boston to be there for his family, some sort of live-in nurse is still necessary, given the demands of his job.

Erin Crosby is financing her master’s thesis in social work by acting as a home health care nurse. Working for Cameron seems like the perfect gig—low key, plenty of time to work on her thesis, and the patient is lovely. She might never have lived with a man before—she’s never found anyone she cared about that much, had barely even considered it—but Cameron is easy to live with, and an easy friendship blooms between them.

But it gets harder and harder for Cameron to keep his hands off of his charming employee—and for Erin to remember that she hasn’t really moved into Cameron’s life.

Heat of the Moment was an enjoyable novella with a great cast of characters and a low-drama storyline.  Admittedly there were elements that seemed a little rushed, but it doesn't detract from a couple who had great chemistry and created moments which were romantic, heartwarming, funny and sexy.

When Arson Investigator and single Dad Cameron O'Leary needs to hire a live-in nurse to help with his seven year old daughter's recuperation, Registered Nurse Erin Crosby lands on his doorstep.  She fits into their lives perfectly and it's not long before an attraction blossoms on both sides.  Yet both know that Erin's employment is short-term.

With an instant, natural chemistry, Cam and Erin were great together and their interactions with Janie were lovely.  It didn't hold any particular surprises, but time flew whilst I read and I polished it off in one sitting.  Robin Kaye is a new author to me and this was a good opener to the series; I'll definitely be reading any further additions.  If you have an hour and fancy an easy-read romance with some added heat, this is ideal.

Rating: 4

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