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Review ~ OVER THE LINE by Emmy Curtis

Over the Line (Alpha Ops, #1)
by: Emmy Curtis
Series: Alpha Ops
Genre: Military Romance
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Source: Forever Yours via NetGalley

The last time James Walker saw Beth Garcia, he was carrying her off the battlefield. A year later, he runs into her as she’s completing her last physical therapy appointment before she can be deployed again. She’s still sexy as hell, but just as prickly and hard-headed as she was when they first met. 

An arranged rock climbing weekend together quickly turns into a nightmare family wedding after a panicked phone call from his sister about mysterious and ominous emails she’s been receiving.

Beth, thinking she’s going rock climbing for the weekend, is surprised when she realizes the biggest rock she’ll be facing is the one James needs her to wear. And while trying to protect James’s sister, she’ll also have to lie to James’s father, the Director of the CIA, about who she is, jeopardizing her carefully planned career. And while she does owe James her life, he’s in for a wild ride if he thinks he can get away with this deception unscathed…

Over the Line is a good addition to Emmy Curtis’ Alpha Ops series but I have to confess that, as much as I enjoyed it, there was a part of me that was a wee bit disappointed.  Let me be clear, Emmy Curtis has in no way written a novel that I wouldn’t recommend.  I would; I like her writing style, the humour she injects and the characters she creates.  But having been hugely impressed by the prequel novella, I was hoping for more of a military themed read and this was less so as it focusses around James’ wealthy family, a fake engagement and a prospective stalker.
Dangerous Territory saw Army Sergeant Beth Garcia and James Walker left in a precarious state in Afghanistan following attack.  Over The Line reveals what happened and results in them meeting again on US soil 12 months later.  With an evident mutual attraction, newly promoted Senior Master Sergeant James suggests a weekend date rock-climbing, which ends up actually being a weekend faking their engagement whilst attending his sister’s wedding and being faced with his awful parents.  And Beth takes it all like a champ.  If she's helping James out, it may as well have benefits.
I found the first half of the book steady, but it gathered pace in the second half and I thought Beth and James were great together; with a natural chemistry, they were confident around one another and brought heat, banter, fun, fight and some touching moments.  Whilst it didn’t hold any great surprises, it still had drama and emotion and was a good romantic read.  Plus with the introduction of Harry and Matt (Harry is female by the way) and a snippet of their story, I am looking forward to seeing the path Emmy leads them down.

Rating: 3.5

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