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Historical Romance Review ~ LOVE'S LEGACY by Joan Avery

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Love’s Legacy (Worth Brothers, #3)
by: Joan Avery
Series: Worth Brothers
Genre: Historical Regency Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2014
Source: Entangled Publishing ~ Scandalous

Grenada, British West Indies, 1875

English plantation owner Geoffrey Worth has misgivings about hiring an American widow as a governess. But while Geoffrey longs to forget the past—and the daughter who reminds him of it daily—there is still duty to consider. And Bellefleur, his plantation. This is his life now. Warmth, family, love; these things only bring pain. And scars he'll carry forever...

Elizabeth Malfonte is certainly not the aged widow he had anticipated. She's young and beautiful, with a determination that wakes something deep within Geoffrey. Yet Elizabeth hides her own secret―the babe within her womb. And despite Geoffrey's handsome―yet scarred face―her new employer has a cold and unforgiving nature that unsettles her, even as Elizabeth's wariness slowly heats to desire.

But the bright beauty of this land is no match for the dark, ominous clouds of the past...

I loved Love’s Legacy a lot.  I enjoyed reading about the historical romance and the setting and location.  Love’s Legacy takes place in Grenada in 1875 and I found it fascinating.  It's always interesting to read how life was like over 100 years ago and see just how far the world has come and not always for the better.  

Geoffrey Worth has a large plantation on the island and has a little girl that he barely acknowledges, which is very sad.  He holds a grudge against his wife and how she abandoned them just days after his daughter was born.  The love of a good woman opens his eyes and helps him release all the anger and bitterness. This woman is Elizabeth Malfonte from Virginia.  

Elizabeth’s union soldier husband dies from post war angst leaving her pregnant and alone as her family disowned her because of the marriage.  She takes a job as Governess to Geoffrey's daughter and not only does she help him to love again, he helps her to let go of her dead husband and love again too.  

Love’s Legacy a beautiful story with kidnapping, poisoning, almost rape, sexual tension, voodoo and many other things that make this book a good read.

**Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

Rating: 5

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Joan Avery was an award-winning writer/producer at a major national advertising agency for over fifteen years before she retired to raise a family and write. Joan has been blessed with a daughter, two sons and two stepsons. She and her husband now have five grandchildren. Although she has lived in the Detroit area her entire life she has traveled extensively for both work and leisure. She and her husband, an attorney, have visited many fascinating parts of the world. Joan feels her travels enrich her writing. THE WORTH BROTHERS TRILOGY takes place in three of her favorite places.

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  1. I'm currently a historical romance right now as well! I loved Julie Quinn's, Mr. Winchester, I presume? And am enjoying Saving Grace by Michele Holmes at the moment. This sounds right up my street. Thanks for the review!

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