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Review ~ PUSHING THE LIMIT by Emmy Curtis

Pushing the Limit (Alpha Ops, #3)
by: Emmy Curtis
Series: Alpha Ops
Genre: Military Romance
Release Date: November 4, 2014
Source: Forever Yours via NetGalley

They’re tough. They’re brave. And they’ll do anything for the women they love. They’re the Alpha Ops. In the tradition of Suzanne Brockmann and Julie Ann Walker comes a sizzling new high-octane romantic suspense novel from rising star Emmy Curtis.

After their one-night fling at a wedding, archaeologist Henrietta “Harry” Markowitz thought she’d never see war hero Matt Stanning again. So when they’re paired up to investigate a military plane crash in Iraq, she’s not sure if the three-month reunion is serendipitous or cursed. What she does know is this gorgeous man lights her body on fire—and incredible sex is always a welcome distraction.

Air Force Sergeant Matt Stanning has been called a hero, but he feels nothing like one when he realizes the sexy blonde in his bed is the widow of his fallen brother-in-arms. Even worse, he actually has to work with her, and she’s unearthed evidence that points to a military conspiracy. If they dig deeper, they’ll put their lives in danger. If they don’t, they’ll never know the truth—not only about the mysterious plane crash, but about each other.

"The women who got in his pants rarely saw him again.  It was just sex at its basest level - a release.  An escape.  Nothing more."

"She'd met, and lost, the love of her life.  She wasn't looking for commitment."

The third offering in the Alpha Ops series, Pushing the Limit is Matt and Harry's story.  Although easily a standalone, if you read Over the Line, this explains what went down (ahem) at the wedding between them and continues their story.

If you're looking for a book that oozes romance, this isn't it (that said, chapter one was one of the hottest openers I have read in a while).  It's more than that and gritty action and suspense form a huge part of the story.  Set in post-war Iraq, when archaeologist Harry discovers a piece of metal that appears to be from a military aircraft, Matt is sent to confirm her discovery.  And discoveries from the dig aren't all that are made, because our couple have chemistry.

Pushing the Limit brought the action and location setting I felt was missing in Over the Line, and whilst I felt there was a bit of a lull in the middle, on the whole it was a great read.  With surprises I never anticipated, I've been left wanting more from this series.  Emmy Curtis is a skilled writer - she creates likeable characters with a journey that draws you in, holds emotion, humour and when we are given some between-the-sheets action, it's worth the wait.

"Okay airman, it's not my breast that's trapped, it's my hand."

Rating: 4

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