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Winter Rain (Love in the Rain Book 2)

Winter Rain
by: Delphine Dryden, Inara Scott, Serena Bell, Amber Lin, Alexis Hall, Suleikha Snyder, Stacy Reid, Cole McCade and Tamsen Parker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 15, 2014
Source: Personal Purchase

What happens when love gets caught in the rain?

In this second volume in the Love in the Rain series, Del Dryden’s heroines find shelter from a powerful thunderstorm in their feelings for each other, while Alexis Hall’s heroes find the past between them washed clean by falling rain. Inara Scott’s hero and heroine upend their lives with a kiss in the rain, while Serena Bell’s characters set their world to rights in a winter storm. Rain helps Amber Lin’s lost lovers find each other, light morning rain washes away evidence of a goddess’s visit in Suleikha Snyder’s story, and rain-slicked city streets provide a backdrop for a burgeoning romance in Tamsen Parker’s tale. Rainy days bring solace to Cole McCade’s hero, while Stacy Reid’s heroine makes a bold journey toward love in a raging storm. Nine romance novelettes, edited by Sarah Frantz.

All proceeds from the volume will be donated to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the United States.


Nine authors, many of whom are new to me, have come together to support RAINN ( – the largest anti-sexual violence organisation in the US.  100% of the proceeds benefits charity and, in exchange for a couple of $/£’s, (which let’s be fair is probably less than we have lurking down the back of the sofa), we are given Winter Rain, nine short unlinked romances with a common element, rain.

“Everyone’s afraid of something.  And a lot of times, they have to get past that fear to have the one thing they really want.” – Sometimes it Storms, Cole McCade

Each story brings a unique situation and characters with painful pasts, real fears and vulnerabilities who show an immense and often humbling strength. There were moments that emotionally moved me and put me through the ringer a little, and equally those that made me smile and held some heat, but what struck me was the depth of feeling, compassion, romance and above all hope.

“You make me smile.  I look at you and see someone who isn’t perfect.  I’m sick of perfect.  Perfect is lies.  No one knows that better than me.” – Sales Tax Not Included, Inara Scott

These stories make you think.  They make you feel.  And in some instances they hit close to home.  But what is evident in each story is the message that, with the right person, light can prevail through the varying levels of darkness and despair.  And without ruining the reading experience, they all end in not what I would term as a happy ever after, but more a happy right now, which I found fitting.  Naturally, I had my favourites; Cole McCade’s Sometimes it Storms was stunning; poignant and beautiful, it broke my heart and I sobbed tears of sadness and joy, whilst Inara Scott’s Sales Tax Not Included struck a chord as it focusses on imperfection and Tamsen Parker's Needs, indulged my love of a sexy farmer (I'm a Brit, it's just my thing).  There are authors now on my radar who wouldn’t have been had it not been for picking this up - equally there were a couple that weren’t exactly my cup of tea, but the bigger picture is that these authors have used their talent for a worthwhile cause, and for this I applaud each and every one of them.

Romances come and go, but some of the stories you'll find in Winter Rain, and indeed the first book in the Love In The Rain series, Summer Rain, will stay with you long after you flick the final page.
“If I’d known you were up here, if I’d known you needed me at all, anywhere, any time, I would’ve come.” – Exposure, Serena Bell

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Rating: 5

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