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MISTAKEN BY FATE by Katee Robert

Mistaken by Fate (a Serve novel, #3)
by: Katee Robert
Series: Serve
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2014
Source: Publisher ~ Entangled Brazen

The man she should want, or the man she craves…

Fashion designer Ridley Ethridge thinks she's found the perfect, stable sort of guy in her childhood friend Will Reaver. With seduction in her sights, she arranges to rock Will's world at an exclusive club that caters to those with adventurous and erotic appetites. What happens next is both intense and satisfying—until Ridley's blindfold comes off to reveal Will's twin brother. The same twin who broke her heart eight years ago.

Former soldier Garrett Reaver hasn't ever gotten Ridley out of his system. And now that she's before him in all her submissive glory? He'll be damned before he lets someone else have her, especially his brother. Because Garrett and Ridley have some seriously unfinished business to take care of, and it starts now. And this time, he'll show Ridley how exquisite a relationship with him could be…if their past doesn't catch up to them first.

Katee Robert has opened her Serve series with a bang.  We know she can can deliver sexy, but her debut into the BDSM world?  Exactly what I was hoping for.

“From this point on, you will call me, ‘Sir.’ Do you understand?”

Mistaken by Fate treats us to a Dom and sub who have a history, but not one that involves the BDSM world.  When Ridley Etheridge and Garrett Reaver become re-acquainted, it brings a whole raft of emotion and panty-burning action.  Ridley has never forgiven him for leaving her but Garrett had his reasons, and whilst it can never be more than him introducing her into his world and living out the fantasies he's had for years, it doesn't mean he doesn't want more.

“It’s going to happen because you want it to as much as I do.  You got a taste of what it means to submit to me at Serve, and you’re already craving it again.”

He was, for me, a perfect Dom; in the bedroom he's a master, but isn't cold, detached or alpha with it and outside he's attentive and gentle, but with a wicked dirty streak.  Ridley is a natural submissive, and whilst she isn't afraid to voice her thoughts and concerns, she also trusts Garrett and this is what made the entire book work for me.  Together they bring new meaning to the words public, display and affection.

“I’m going to strip you down and tie your hands to my bed frame.  While you’re still testing the knots, I’m going to touch every inch of your body.”

With an introduction to Garrett's siblings - identical twin Will and their firecracker of a younger sister Sara - I have high hopes that this is going to be another winning series from Katee.  And, knowing that Will's book involves a ménage, I'm looking forward to seeing what that brings.

Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion.

Rating: 4.5

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