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Guest Post with Author Talia Hunter and Giveaway

Ally's Top Five Ways To Fake Being A Dominatrix.
How To Master A Millionaire is my hot new release. In it, millionaire model-turned-actor Max Oberon needs to play a submissive character in a movie. He turns to Ally for help, thinking she’s a dominatrix. He has no idea she’s really a blogger who’s planning to write an article about Max.
Ally’s clueless about anything kinky, but she fakes it to get the story she needs. It’s not easy mastering a hot alpha male like Max, but after one look at his gorgeous blue eyes and toned body, Ally’s willing to learn on the job!
In case you’re ever tempted to fake being a dominatrix, and need to learn how to master your own millionaire, here are Ally’s five hot tips on how to do it:
Tip 1: Be Confident
It takes confidence to take charge, and what hot-blooded man is going to let a nervous or uncertain domme tie him up? If you’re secretly a quivering mass of nerves like Ally was, you’ll need to hide it well. Pretend to be confident, and you might find that after a while the pretense becomes real.
Tip 2: Accessorize
Perhaps it’s safer for domme novices to go easy on the whips and paddles, but there are plenty of other toys to try. In How To Master A Millionaire, Ally makes use of a blindfold, handcuffs, some edible massage oil, ice cubes, and even a bottle of syrup. For her second hot tip, Ally suggests you get playful. Leave the whips for the experts, and you’ll find plenty of other toys that don’t have a scary ouch factor!
Tip 3: Wear Something Sexy
Would you feel sexy wearing a shiny black cat suit? How about some old-fashioned lingerie, or a cupless bra? If you look good, you’ll feel more confident, and be able to get into character. Not to mention the effect your sexy look will have on your sub. Find just the right outfit and he’ll be eager to obey your every command.
Tip 4: Be Open Minded
Any relationship can benefit from a little adventure in the bedroom, and all you need to turn a boring night into a sexual fantasy is a partner who’s willing to experiment. Be willing to try something new, and you might surprise yourself. Ally had never used a feather tickler before she met Max, yet it turned out to be seriously lust-inducing.
Tip 5: Have Fun!
My motto is, If you’re not laughing, you’re not doing it right, and the intimate scenes between Max and Ally are sexier because they have a strong sense of fun. Ally might not know exactly how to act like a domme, but when Max looks into her eyes he sees laughter as well as arousal, and that helps him relax. He’d have sworn he’d never let anyone handcuff him to a bed, but after disarming him with a little humor, Ally has her wicked way with him, and both of them enjoy it far more than they could have dreamed.
So what are you waiting for? You may not have trained in a dungeon, but with these hot tips, you can have as much fun in the bedroom as Ally and Max. Enjoy!

When he scores the lead role in a feature film, millionaire model-turned-actor Max Oberon won’t let anything mess up his big break. But there’s a problem. His character’s submissive relationship is a big part of the movie, and Max can’t seem to make it convincing. Solution? Five days with a dominatrix should help him overcome his need for total control.

Ally’s life is one hot mess. A broke blogger, this story could be her chance to get back on her feet. If Ally can pass herself off as a dominatrix, she can publish a tell-all article and get the money she needs to keep from losing everything. So what if she’s clueless about anything kinky, and her abusive ex left her with a self-confidence problem?

Although Ally can’t give orders and Max hates taking them, together they discover new ways of commanding pleasure. But will Ally’s deception destroy their one chance at love?
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Talia Hunter likes writing about smart, funny women, and the men who set their hearts on fire. Her motto is, If you aren’t laughing, you aren’t doing it right.

A formerly committed city dweller, she’s recently moved to the country. She’s put in a vege garden, learned how to make bread, and is now the proud owner of a pair of gumboots. These days she spends time Googling important questions such as how to cope with a runaway zucchini crop (make fritters), and narrowing down exactly what kind of giant hairy spider might be eyeballing her from the washing tub.

To learn more about Talia, visit or connect with her on social media.

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    1. I bought this book, because I have a feeling it's going to be funny and maybe a little steamy at the same time. I just have to find time to read it.


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