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Paranormal Romance Review ~ A HIGHLANDER'S PASSION by Vonnie Davis

A Highlander’s Passion (Highlander’s Beloved, #2)
by: Vonnie Davis
Series: Highlander’s Beloved
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 7, 2015
Source: Loveswept via NetGalley

As a bear-shifter in a pack roaming the Scottish countryside, Bryce Matheson embodies brute force and untamed abandon. As a widower, he's running scared. When Bryce attempted to open his scarred heart to another, she grew tired of waiting for him to state his intentions, and the unearthly beauty spurned him for someone who wasn't worthy. But now that fate has conspired to set Kenzie Denune free once again, Bryce vows to finally win her love.

Kenzie is a witch who summons her powers to protect those too weak to care for themselves. After surviving an abusive husband, she swears off men—even men like Bryce, whose iron muscles make her knees weak, and whose piercing eyes fill her with longing. Her life's purpose is to help others. However, dark forces have different plans for her gifts. To save herself, Kenzie must team up with the shifter who has always stirred her soul—and trust in a passion powerful enough to set her blood aflame.

I enjoy a man in a kilt, I'm partial to shape-shifters and having enjoyed the first in the Highlander's Beloved series, A Highlander's Obsession, I had no hesitation in grabbing this and seeing how Bryce Matheson would compare to his big brother Creighton.

He appealed more.

We met him in the first book, we know he's a widower and dad to five year-old cutie Colleen.  We also know he has a history with Kenzie Denune.  What we don't know is how deep their history goes.  He lost her once into the arms of an abusive husband but he'll not make that mistake again...

"Get it through yer head: I plan to romance ye until yer mine."

With magic and mystery, sexiness and wee surprises, I enjoyed Bryce and Kenzie together; both endearing, Bryce is indeed passionate with that overly protective streak that runs in his family, and Kenzie is strong and independent despite her painful past.

"...defiance isna totally a bad thing."

Their story grabbed but it wasn't without its flaws.  And unfortunately there were a few.  The main sticking point for me was the narrative; it was written with a Scottish twang.  I've no issue with character speak being written this way, indeed I find it adds to the feel of the characters to a degree, but when practically the entire book is, it begins to tarnish the reading experience somewhat.  Secondly, whilst we were given descriptions on Bryce and Kenzie's appearance, it was very spaced out, so I struggled to visualise them.  And as cute and sweet as Colleen was and as amusing as the family's interactions were with her, she often spoke in a manner way beyond her five years.  But there were elements I loved, it's filled with romance, wooing and emotion and Effie was even better this time around; the batty pink-loving old lady with a huge heart brought humour and surprise and I loved her for it.

Granted I would have liked the edge-of-your-seat climax I thought it was building up to, but even with its flaws, Vonnie Davis has delivered a good, well-paced addition to the series.  I do like the Matheson extended family dynamic and I'll certainly be checking out how hard Ronan will fall when his time arises.

**Copy received courtesy of Loveswept in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 3.5

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