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Review ~ HER ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND by Ashlee Mallory

Her Accidental Husband (A Sorensen Family Novel, #2)
by: Ashlee Mallory
Series: Sorensen Family
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Source: Publisher ~ Entangled Bliss via NetGalley

Payton Vaughn’s trip to Puerto Vallarta for her friend's wedding was her big escape from her ridiculously overbearing mother–oh, and that little matter with her cheating fiancĂ©. Now, her flight's been cancelled, and she's crammed into a tiny car with the gorgeous-but-irritating best man.

Viva la road trip from hell...

Cruz Sorensen doesn't have time to babysit some spoiled socialite, even if she is the future daughter-in-law of the man who could change the fortune of his family's company. He has no business getting to know her better—not even for all the tequila in Mexico...until they wake up with grande-sized hangovers as man and wife.

Now Payton and Cruz must decide if they've reached the end of their journey...or the beginning of a new adventure.

Her Accidental Husband, the second book in the Sorensen Family series is a standalone read.  It brings together Cruz Sorensen and Paige Vaughn, who have a love-hate relationship.  The two initially met in the first book, Her Backup Boyfriend, when Cruz unknowingly insulted Payton, resulting in her hitting him in the head with a vase.  Now, the two are thrown together when they are forced to travel together from Texas to Puerto Vallarta via car to attend the wedding of Cruz’s brother Dominic and Payton’s best friend Kate.

Cruz is a workaholic who is driven to make his father and family proud.  He wants to put Sorensen Construction, started by his father, on the national map.  He’s thoughtful and meticulous, and isn’t one for fun and games.  After having his seventeen-year-old heart crushed when a girl left him for a guy with more money, he’s not big on relationships.

Payton, as an only child, grew up rich and privileged.  While she functions just fine in that world, she’s probably more comfortable with regular everyday people.  Payton is something of a free-spirit.  She’s fun, energetic, and outgoing.  Up until this point in her life, she has allowed her society driven mother to push her to do what she’s wanted her to do.  Be it going to the right college, dating and becoming engaged to the right guy, becoming part of the right charitable endeavors or whatever to make the Vaughns look good.  Payton is just weeks away from her wedding when she makes a horrible discovery.

As if her day couldn’t get any worse, Payton finds herself on the same plane headed to Puerto Vallarta as Cruz.  Hours into the flight, the plane has an emergency, forcing it to land in Laredo, Texas, with no flights to Mexico.  Cruz who promised Kate and Dom he would look after Payton, convinces her to agree to drive with him south.

Over the course of their two and a half day trip, the two make surprising discoveries about each other.  Cruz learns that Payton isn’t as bad as he thought she was and Payton realizes it’s even more fun to poke Cruz than she thought.  They also realize their attraction to one another.  Payton’s fun and games become more than she bargained for when she tells people she and Cruz are planning to get married in Mexico.  When a fake engagement becomes a real marriage, the two have to decide what they really want.

Immediately, picking up Her Accidental Husband reminded me why I was so excited to discover Ashlee Mallory earlier this year.  My reading enjoyment continued and I was smiling throughout the book.  I was even able to deal with Payton's snobby, holier than thou mother.  I definitely wasn't expecting a character surprise.  Even then, I could work with things.  The book was simply fantastic and I found myself ranking Ashlee up there with one of my favorite authors.  

My issue with the story is that I felt like it dragged out just a little too long.  The constant misunderstandings and timing of Cruz and Payton close to the end took away from the book for me.  I get there has to be conflict in romance but I just wish I could knock some sense into Cruz.

Even with my frustration with single minded Cruz, I still loved this story.  I love that Payton discovered her self worth and what she wanted out of life.  I love that Cruz discovered that he needed more out of life than just his rabid determination to be successful in business.

Cruz has two sisters who are in need of finding their own happy ever after stories.  I can’t wait to see what Ashlee has in store for them.

**Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

Rating: 4.5

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