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Review ~ HER SISTER'S KEEPER by Leslie McKelvey

Her Sister’s Keeper (Accidental Encounters, #3)
by: Leslie McKelvey
Series: Accidental Encounters
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 28, 2015
Source: Author

Juliet Hall has the perfect life. She lives in a gorgeous little cottage with her sister, Cassie, whom she adores, she's a principal ballerina with a small but prestigious dance company in Seattle, and the beach is only blocks away. Then a madman takes away that perfect life, her career, and her sister. When the man comes after her she bolts, trying to get as far away from Seattle and the scene of her sister's murder as she can.

It's just an average day for Sheriff Grant Donovan as he patrols the long, mostly deserted roads around Evergreen Springs, Montana. Until he comes across a stranded motorist, a motorist with the most beautiful blue-green eyes he's ever seen. He finds himself losing his heart to the newcomer, and discovers there is someone else who also wants her heart. Someone who is willing to kill her to get it.

Her Sister’s Keeper was an intense romantic thriller.  The intensity comes more from the relationship between the main characters than the killer and the possible victim.  It was also a very long book by comparison to other books that I have read.  Leslie McKelvey made every attempt to make sure that readers got a very thorough picture and background on all those involved.  While there were the usual predictable elements related to a book centered on romance, I was still surprised by some things I didn’t see coming.

Her Sister’s Keeper is about how Juliet Hall tries to regain her life after her sister, Cassie is killed by Juliet’s stalker, George Mayfield.  The police are unable to capture him and he continues to torment her so she leaves Seattle for a small town in Montana called Evergreen Springs.  There she meets the handsome sheriff, Grant Donovan.  The rest is romance history or is it?

Obviously, Juliet and Grant both become very smitten with each other in a very short amount of time.  The town also embraces Juliet and she doesn’t quite know how to handle the idea of strangers welcoming her with open arms.  She’s not there ten minutes before she is invited to a wedding.  Evergreen Springs may be Mayberry but Sheriff Grant Donovan isn’t an idiot from the backwoods.  He is smart, a former Marine sniper and is well respected.  Grant also has some emotional baggage from a former relationship.  Incidentally, neither Juliet nor Grant can understand how they fall so deeply in love so fast.  Unfortunately, the dark cloud of Juliet’s past will converge on the town and have Juliet fighting for her life.

Juliet and Grant have some steamy encounters that will have you adjusting the thermostat.  There’s also a very likeable supporting cast in the townspeople.  Although, I can’t go into much more detail without spoiling the suspense element of this book, I will say that it offered a twist or two I hadn’t anticipated.  The climax of Her Sister’s Keeper is well worth the read because the sheriff will put all of his skills to work.

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 4

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