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Review ~ RAISIN THE DEAD by Karoline Barrett

Raisin the Dead (A Bread & Batter Mystery, #2)
by: Karoline Barrett
Series: A Bread & Butter Mystery
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Publisher: Penguin InterMix

The author of Bun for Your Life returns to Destiny, New York, where bakery owners and amateur sleuths Molly Tyler and Olivia Williams never crumble under pressure...
While the rest of Destiny is focused on the arrival of an upper crust perfume mogul, Molly is more concerned about what’s on the front page of the newspaper: her mother. Library director Anne Tyler was photographed at the most romantic restaurant in town having a cozy dinner with library advisory board member Philip Baldeli. But there’s more for Molly to worry about after Philip is found dead a few days later.
When Detective Sean Corsino zeroes in on Anne as a person of interest in the case, it turns down the heat on his budding romance with Molly. But after he’s injured during the course of his investigation, Molly and Olivia must step in to sift through the clues and clear Anne’s name.

Raisin the Dead, the second book in Karoline Barrett’s Bread & Batter Mystery series is a standalone read.  Told in first person, it chronicles the adventures of Molly Tyler as she tries to clear her mother’s name and catch a killer.

Small town Destiny is divided over the expansion of the local library.  Expanding the library would require money it doesn’t have.  Plus, doing so would displace frogs only found in Destiny and demolishing the Westley House that has been deemed historical.  Philip Baldeli is backing the expansion and has even pledged to donate a substantial amount of money.  Someone isn’t happy about this and decides to remove Philip from the equation.

Clues implicating Molly’s mom, Anne, as a suspect are numerous.  When Molly’s boyfriend, Detective Sean Corsino, questions Anne, Molly has to decide where her loyalties lie.  As if dealing with a murderer on the loose isn’t enough, Sean’s past and present come together.  Just when their relationship is getting started, it could end when someone from his past makes an appearance.

Unlike other cozy mysteries, Raisin the Dead focuses a lot on the romantic aspect of Molly’s life.  As a romance reader, I loved this.  Karoline treats readers to Molly’s and Sean’s love life and allows them to see the challenges they face.  One potentially minor thing that I didn’t like was that Molly spent more time outside of her bakery than she did in it.  I’m surprised she even accomplished making anything.

I loved all the characters.  Molly and Sean are good together and have a nice little family with their two dogs.  The mystery plot was good, though maybe a little easy to figure out if you pay close attention.  The issue with Sean’s past was resolved way too easily and unrealistically for my taste.  There wasn’t anything dramatic or thrilling about this story.  I wanted a story that was fun but kept me on the edge of my seat.  All in all, I can’t wait to see what’s next up for these characters and this series.
**Received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

Rating: 3

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