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Review ~ TEMPTING AUTUMN by Serenity Woods

Tempting Autumn (The Four Seasons, #2)
by: Serenity Woods
Series: The Four Seasons
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Source: Author

Four friends. Four seasons. Four ways to fall in love.

One cabin. One bed. And the man of her dreams…

For most of his life, Hitch has put his family’s needs before his own. Finally able to pursue his career as a nature photographer and travel the world, he’s determined to make the most of his freedom. And then he discovers that one of his best friends needs help.

Fashion designer Rowan thought she’d accepted that marriage and babies would never be a part of her life, but when her muse abandons her she realizes she hasn’t come to terms with it at all. Lonely and miserable, she accepts Hitch’s tempting offer of an autumn adventure in the hope that maybe, in the peace of the mountains, she’ll find the answers she needs.

A city girl to the core, she’s never been camping in her life, and what seemed like a great idea soon threatens to turn into a disaster. But in spite of the blisters, insects, and geckos, it’s not all bad. It turns out that their friendship is only a thin veneer covering a deep attraction to one another, and in the isolated cabin it’s not long before the cold mountain air turns sizzling hot.

The time they spend together suggests that with the right man the future she yearns for is a possibility. Hitch has shown her the path to love, but she discovers she doesn’t want to walk down it with anyone else. The problem is, does Hitch feel the same way?

Warning: this is a forced proximity story. If it makes you nervous to think about being stranded in a secluded mountain hut with a gorgeous guy who’s looking at you the way a tiger looks at his lunch, maybe you should buy another book.

Tempting Autumn is the second book in The Four Seasons series. The series focuses on four college friends from New Zealand who open up a women’s lingerie business.  Having read the first book, Seducing Summer, I can assure you these are two very different stories. The only connection being the friendships.

Tempting Autumn was a great book from beginning to end. It’s a romantic and erotic coming of age story. Rowan Paterson is twenty-six-years-old but she is still very young and naive when it comes to men and sex. Unfortunately, it’s because she was molested as a teenager by her uncle and that has affected every relationship she has ever had with the opposite sex. As her friends and her twin sister begin to settle down and start families, Rowan has lost her way. She has been unable to create any new designs, she has just come out of another relationship, and she is anxious about her uncle returning to town. To add insult to injury, only one of her friends knows anything about her painful past. Everyone has always accepted that Rowan is just the quiet one in the group.  

When the opportunity arises to go away on a hiking trip with another college friend, Nathan “Hitch” Hitchcock, Rowan hesitantly agrees. Hitch has always been like an older brother to her since he is the actual brother of one of the other Four Seasons girls and he went to college with them as well. Rowan has had a crush on Hitch this whole time. He is attracted to her as well, but neither of them is aware of the other’s feelings. Without telling the whole story, let’s just say that Serenity Woods really makes Rowan and Hitch both admirable and pathetic. They are made for each other and never knew it. The trip incites a sexual awakening for Rowan and forces Hitch to re-evaluate his desire for isolation. I don’t generally read romances with the need for them to have a happy ending but I was very much excited that this one did. The emotion, pain, and passion between them was very real. Serenity did a great job of not making everything seem forced. I felt like everything came to a natural conclusion. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 5

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