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Review ~ THE TROUBLE WITH NATHAN by Anna J. Stewart

The Trouble with Nathan (Tremayne Family Romance Series, #3)
by: Anna J. Stewart
Series: Tremayne Family Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Source: Penguin Intermix via NetGalley

Nathan Tremayne shares a dangerous secret with his father, Jackson, and sister Sheila. Together they are Nemesis, the infamous cat burglar who targets the wealthy. But when Jackson is framed for stealing the priceless Crown of Serpia, the whole family is at risk.
Nathan isn’t about to let his father go down for a crime he didn’t commit, but finding the real culprit won’t be easy with Laurel Scott, the nosy, pushy, drop-dead gorgeous insurance investigator following his every move.
But Laurel has secrets of her own. Posing as an insurance investigator was part of her own plan for the Tremaynes. As their attraction heats up, and the truth comes out, will this pair of thieves steal each other’s hearts?

Anna J. Stewart has been on my author reading wishlist for awhile.  I finally got my chance to read her with The Trouble with Nathan, the third and final book in the Tremayne Family Romance series.  With this being my first time reading this series, I initially had a little trouble understanding Nathan.  Specifically, I didn’t understand him carrying the weight of being responsible for his entire family on his shoulders or why his brother-in-laws were on him about fixing things.  It seems in the previous books, he took the family side business a little too far and risked everyone’s safety.  Once I understood that part, the pieces all fell into place.  It should be noted that events from the previous books are mentioned.

“Here’s the scoop on this group.  They’re a bit like the mafia.”  My thoughts exactly.  The Tremaynes are one for all and all for one.  They’re protective of each other.  Once you’re in their circle, there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for you.  Nathan is the older son of Jackson and his late wife, Catherine.  By day, Nathan is a security expert for Tremayne Investments and Securities.  By night, he’s the brawn for Nemesis, the family theft ring who takes ill gained items and return them to their rightful owners.  He’s never been romantically serious about anyone before.  He loves his family to no end and he’s starting to wonder about his future, both personally and professionally.  Things start to fall apart for Nathan when his father goes to the police and confesses to being Nemesis.

Laurel Scott has lived a less than perfect life.  Feeling out of options, she made a deal with the devil.  Currently, an insurance investigator for TransUnited, she’s sent to investigate the theft of the Crown of Serpia, a theft Jackson is accused of.  But the “devil” has plans for the Tremayne family and she must get close to them to save herself.  The past and the present are about to collide.

It takes a con to know and outsmart a con and Nathan and his father Jackson are very good at what they do.  They know Laurel is playing them.  They just don’t know why.  As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Nathan and Laurel team up to locate the stolen crown and in the process steal each other’s heart.

I loved The Trouble with Nathan because of the suspense elements.  The story had a Thomas Crown Affair feel to it.  It’s easy to lose yourself to this story.  All the Tremaynes are people you would love to know.  They truly are nice, loving, caring people.  This includes the extended family as well.

The Trouble with Nathan is not without surprises.  There are a couple.  Ultimately, this is a story about family.  Those you’re born into and those you choose to welcome into your life and heart.  This is also a bittersweet story.  But it’s one of hopefulness, with never missing an opportunity to tell those you love how you feel. It’s about letting go of the past and welcoming new beginnings, if you're open and willing to do so.  “Grab happiness where you can.  You’ve found your place, your people.  Don’t deprive yourself of something wonderful just because you think you’re not worthy.”

**Received a copy from Penguin Intermix in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**

Rating: 4.5

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USA Today and national bestselling author Anna J Stewart can't remember a time she didn't have a book in her hands or a story in her head. A geek at heart, Anna writes romances featuring strong, independent heroines for Berkley (The Tremayne Family Romances), Harlequin Heartwarming (The Butterfly Harbor series) and will soon add romantic suspense to her booklist with the BONDED trilogy from Harlequin Romantic Suspense. RT Book reviews says Anna's romances are "refreshingly unique, quietly humorous, and profoundly moving" and NYTimes bestselling author Brenda Novak says "The talented Anna J Stewart delivers every time!"  Anna lives in Northern California where she deals with a serious SUPERNATURAL, STAR TREK, and SHERLOCK addiction and tolerates an overly affectionate cat named Snickers (or perhaps it's Snickers who tolerates her).

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