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Review ~ A DARE WITH CONSEQUENCES by Wendy S. Marcus

A Dare with Consequences
by: Wendy S. Marcus
Series: Dare to Love (Kindle World)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2016
Source: Author

One night on the Island of Eden changes two lives forever.

Ren Monighan is living the dream, running his very successful business from a condo overlooking beautiful Miami Beach – not that he’s around much to enjoy the view. He spends so much time traveling between professional and college football teams, filming practices and creating virtual reality play simulations, he has none left over to look for love. But passing a few hours naked with a pretty bartender named, Anya, fits into his schedule just fine.

Anya Solokov has been working hard to make a better life for herself in New York. She’s moved past her days of scrounging for food and doing things she isn’t proud of to survive. An MBA from NYU will guarantee her independence and ensure she never has to scrimp and save or go hungry again. When an unplanned pregnancy puts Anya’s lifelong goal in jeopardy, Ren’s ready to step up. But headstrong Anya won’t accept his help unless he comes up with a plan that works for both of them.

A Dare with Consequences marks my first time reading a Dare to Love: Kindle Worlds novella.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how the world was created or how other books were connected, if at all.  For A Dare with Consequences, Wendy S. Marcus borrowed Ian and Gabe Dare, the Island of Eden, Eden Elite Resorts, and the Dare's Manhattan club, all of which are found in Carly Phillips Dare to Love series.

Wendy has used elements found in Carly’s series to create a loveable and endearing couple.  A Dare with Consequences is an easy read without a lot of drama.  A dare between college friends results in a one night stand and an unplanned pregnancy. Ren Monighan is a funny, amazingly likeable guy from the very beginning.  Anya Solokov is likable as well.  She’s strong, independent, feisty and doesn’t take grief from anyone.  I’m pretty sure I have a girl crush on her.  

One night and one dare changed their lives forever.  When Ren discovers Anya gave birth to his twins, he pulls out all the stops to make sure she knows she and the babies belong with him.  But Anya isn’t about to play the damsel in distress role and bend to Ren’s will.  Compromise becomes the key to these two having the life the Island of Eden has planned for them.

I simply loved this story because of the characters and their actions.  My only complaint is that I wish the story was longer.  I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen for Ren’s brother Ryan.  I would love to get the opportunity to read his story one day.  I now find myself obsessing over the other books in this series.

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

Rating: 5

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